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Theshygirl Jun 10
Too bright, too dark
Too loud, too quiet
Too hot, too cold
Too much
Its all just too much
The lights can't dim enough
without being too dark
Nobody can be silent enough
without being too quiet
It will always be too hot or too cold
because for me
the middle-ground doesn't exist
Theshygirl Apr 4
Why be loud
When you can sit silent
Why go out
When you can stay hidden
Why be awake
When you can dream.
Theshygirl Apr 2
Leave me to die
with my heart in my hands
rivers down my face
gut-wrenching, twisting, stabbing pain.
Leave me to die
because its easier
to rise alone, stand alone
I hope you enjoy being by yourself
you may have been all I had
but I was all you had too.
Go right ahead
and leave me to die
you'll regret it
when I finally stand up
mend myself
fix the things you couldn't be bothered with.
Leave me to die
because I will be back
stronger than before
and I won't go back to you
not this time.
Leave me to die
and I will leave you to suffer alone.
Theshygirl Mar 19
I'm angry
so ******* ******
that I'm shaking in my seat
two seconds from exploding
because nothing ever goes right
there's always a hiccup or a blip
that ***** everything up
and I can't do a **** thing about it
Theshygirl Mar 11
Nobody tells you
The hardest part of waking up
Is falling asleep in the first place.
Theshygirl Mar 2
And it all came bursting out
Words filling page after page
in what seems like an endless flow
my words held in for far too long.
Theshygirl Mar 2
My shadow is dark
And I know you think all are
but I promise that my shadow
is burdened with a deep dark
shade of horrific black
that yours will never know
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