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Bells ringing and jingling
Not knowing what it's bringing
Slowly descending into insanity
Stop this sound, stop the inhumanity
Ears bleeding
Keep pleading
Don't let the bells be misleading
The sound is exceeding
On your knees crying
You'd rather be dying
The sound of pain
Driving you insane
It shall remain
Implanted in your brain
Michael Ryan Sep 2020
I thought about speaking to the reader.

To the person skimming titles
that might suit their current feelings.

Maybe it's heartbreak, which I say
maybe it's time for a heart - break.

If you ever said you didn't want to do something,
I want to be the person asking you WHY.

Why, do you not want to do it?
Why why why, what else do you have to do?

I don't mean to pressure you into a forced response.
I'm not an abusive parent or spouse, (where talking it out means, verbally beating you into submission).

I only ask why, because I want you to know.
That every action is a decision.
A choice made by you.

I made the choice to
share ****** poetry,
and you made the choice to read it.

If we're both willing
to spend our time
on things like these,
then maybe
we should change
what we choose to do.

Do what is right.
Be passionate,
don't let titles lead you,
and **** heartbreaks.
We all need to be working towards what we want, instead of working for what everyone else wants.  If you're unhappy, why?
Jack R Fehlmann Jul 2020
I lose count
The quantity of times
Occasions lied to
Or as proof forgotten
Can't right now
One go to favorite
Busy, busy, busy, you are
Why use "will" when
Tomorrow is here,
Passes again and again
Perhaps "maybe"
A tad less dishonest
"No" "not" even "ever"
If together are no question
Truthful, borderline respectful
And we both know
What is not done, not said
Leaves closure open
To discussion.
Sick and tired of religion,
fake comfort,
conscious attrition.
Spurious "Gods", martyrs, prophets,
and their false eternal promise.
TheWitherChannel Sep 2019
This is where my body lies
Unknown in the dirt
You might as well know
I never went to a funeral
But mine
This is where my body lies
And it lied in life too

April 2016
Sometimes I wonder
If this world is just a blunder
If one day
We'll all be escorted away

Sometimes I hope
That's there's somewhere better
We will all stay
Till the world's been cleansed with soap

Sometimes I desire
For this world to die.
So that we can rebuild
Without all the smoke and fire

It's not just the people
But the buildings they make
That break our beautiful world down
Until it's all fake.
Theshygirl Oct 2018
Your words,
oh your sweet and wonderful words
your beautiful and perfect words
Your terrible, horrible, misleading words.
Your words
that convinced me
that you care
that you understand
that you maybe even love me.
I was too naive before,
to see the truth.
Your truth
is full of lies
and deceit.
And how terrible
it was for me.
Believing in you
and your misleading words.
If only I had seen through them
before I had fallen so deep
to believe
your blatantly cruel and misleading words.
Maybe then
I could have stopped
the pain and suffering I felt
when you finally walked away
leaving your misleading words
to haunt me.
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