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Chris Feb 2019
Love sparks & cries & bleeds
Love opens doors & supersedes
Love dies by bedside
Love lives forever
Love minds
Love is careless
Love is heartbreak
Love is blind
Love enjoys to watch & love participates
Love relaxes
Love replaces lot's of things
Love is mesmerizing
Love mends brokenness
Love beyond this list
Love honestly is
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-inspired by a quote on FAWNS PAGE...
Chris Feb 2019
Tender lips speak as silence hangs
Black & grey picturesque

Beauty so natural
Brilliance upon the crescent moon

Feelers hold up chain link
The crime is endless

To punish me without windows
Eye's have seen everthing
Except eyes looking back at me

Marriage is committed
To find & concur
In concert of unbridled affection
Effecting every move forever
Chris Feb 2019
Oh how I feel the love
All full of blood & mess
Oh how disputes over nothing
Don't seem to mean less

Wondering in deep snow
Avalanches creep through

******* of untouched skin
Soon feel a second heart beat

Though this tempo
Won't last forever

Because of broken laziness
Vinyl grooves on needle pin
Dancing with revolution

Then stops by chosen routine
Cut & Bleed
Photo floor pressed
As a bed for fallen knees

At this point
Oh I see now
I am weakness

Awakened by
Undesired reality
An open lid

A chest full & uninspired
Crawling out to feel desired

Oh I feel
Chris Jan 2019
Earth sound
Memories of big bang creation
Cremate the moment

It was born
With these words

Meant for earth worms from soil
That you can't ever seem to find
With hands dry
Emptiness of holes burrowed

Searching to be continued

Wait for the rain to come & the days after
Two muddy hands & a full bucket

Constructed carry of warehouse machine
Plastic pellets & hardened beads....
Feel free to post what you think this is about.. Thank you to everyone that has commented , liked, loved and or viewed my writing
Chris Jan 2019
Knuckle crown of anger rage
Blood broken upon the face

Trembling fear
Kind of likes the taste
She sits here by bedside of womb child to protect....

Providing a future on carpet plate ....
Where a dead father now rests his head...
Chris Jan 2019
In the darkest place of my mind
In sinner skin by the crevices

Unwinding this love lively
It's likely while alive in this

All of the darkness
Seeping through
Laughter of waking cadavers

Carving memories
Mesmerized by fading fault
We're both adults

Or whatever you in the mirror & you in the stone cold temple of my head are
Chris Jan 2019
Shut the lights out
In happiness the smile

Years turning over
Burning passed before

The entire he is gone
In little bits of pieces

Knowledge has him for the future
Now waits at a different door

With four walls that look the same
In this changing world that never changes

Who am I to blame
When this man looks at me
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