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When I hear about someone with an addiction, television is the first thought that enters my mind,
everyone that watches it is into robbery’s, ***, and violent crimes.
They all sit quiet like a rock staring into space,
with no movement at all, a cold blank look on their face.
So many of them have trouble deciding, changing channels all of the time,
So, for gone they can’t concentrate, or make a decision with their mind.
Many of them got started years ago, someone turned them on to it for free,
now that they are addicted, they are happy to pay a high monthly fee.
Television teaches children bad habits in so many ways,
watching the weather man getting paid to lie, then they learn the truth the very next day.
The viewers hide from their families and friends all of the time, has anyone ever told you they have to go, they can’t miss their fix, of a repeat TV show.
If you count up all the hours they waste, years over their life time, that’s why their called addicts, because they altered their state of mind.
The next time you, faith full watchers see a story about an addict on Tv, you can hold your head up high and say, that guy is just like me.

                Copyright Tom Maxwell 08/18/03
If you train A young child to watch Four hours of television a day, and they live into their eighties, add up the years....
Alaina Moore Aug 2020
Though every joy that could be enhanced, and every misery that could be diluted.
Thoughts of escape dance like ballerinas in my mind.
Fluid in motion and undeniably enticing

I swoon for them - hypnotized.

They are really sirens seducing me, and pulling me toward oblivion.

I'm a moth to the flame.

Seeking a comfort zone that was never comfortable to begin with.
To inflict a suffering I do not deserve, yet so desperately long for at times.
This WAS a better poem before the bad gateway error. Edits inbound when the spirit is right.
Two plus two is four

One plus one equals two

And perhaps it's also true

That love is equal to me plus you.
I can't help this feeling for you. I'm sorry that I'm like this...
sunshine Feb 2020
she was a first-class baby with a first-class *****

he was a first-class liar with a first-class game

put two a two together and you get something really messed up
I don't usually
do this but
just listen

M Grant Teague Dec 2019
It burns,
The decaying heart within.
It eats,
A maggot feasting eternal

Love is not a gift
It consumes
Love is not a gift
It destroys

Yet we mortal plebs
Crave it and suckle every drop from another
We hopeless vagrants
Waste away within our addictions

Curse you!
With love!

Curse you!
With smiles!

Curse you!
With laughter, *** and sighs!

Curse you!
With my dying breath.

No curses of hate can I make as I say goodbye.
MisfitOfSociety Jun 2019
What makes someone worthy,
To witness the birth of an angel.
A place that people only read about,
Is a place you have walked.
Beautiful and shimmering.
A face that cradles the universe within.
LylexRose Jan 2019
Been thinking...
It's about time I made some changes...

Came so far now and I feel free
So free, 9 to 5 stress, call in green delivery
But eventually problems set in, it's only Monday
Loved as one, feel so gone and my future looks ugly
Jurry and executioner, can you please judge me
Money and pain go down the drain, and it's getting harder for me
Creating issues from problem solutions, still act toughie
Don't try to rush me
Midnight-mares ride through the night, it's scary
And "all this time I couldn't see
How could this be
That the curtain is closing on me"
Emin- NFing music discovery
Drop these drugs down the drain, head to rehab recovery
Problem facing, defacing, move to different countries
Running a race but never winning cos running from you is destroying me
Blowing smoke 24/7, this can't good for me
Keep on rolling sticky green, I'm in 3 deep
My complicated encampment, you see
You know I'm doing my best but does he?
It's hard for me to ask this
When I don't even have a mattress
Used excuses to delete this stress
I may changed ******* nothing, at least I can confess
It's been 15 years and I'm still a ******* mess

I apologise for all the lies
Decite it spreads like fire
My future could've burned so bright
Now I'm stationary, grips me like a vice
But lost my touch and I'm colder than ice
I stopped giving a **** just me, myself and I
But maybe that's just life
Do I dare ask why?

I was the butterfly, who had spread his wings to fly
Barely left the leaf only to be shot down, fall and die
Countless nights that I counted, where these issues filled my eyes
I can't help it, it's how I was raised by life
Now I'm going to go far to both yours and mine surprises
Chasing dreams all despite this,
Dripping in Bape and gold chains
Changing myself just to stay the ******* same
You know I never thought life was great
But **** if she's complainin'...
But **** if I'm staying...
But **** it I think I'm going insane
But **** if this is direction I decide to go...
And I know
Just how to create a flow
So why should I loose it if I know
Is it a gift or is it curse only time will show
Death: it'll set you free and let you go
Eventually it'll catchup to us both
So I'm leaving off this verse
In the back of a Herse
But in the end it was myself I hurt...
Fresh start?
Eye of Horus...
Thought not...
of course...
"Is he getting old"...
"Does he bore us?"...
Enough rhymes for a lifetime
Check my inventory
You know how I'm going out
Blaze of glory...
Well I'm back...
End of story...

I apologise for all the lies
Decite it spreads like fire
My future could've burned so bright
Pen to the pad, I'm stationary, grips me like a vice
But lost my touch and I'm colder than ice
I stopped giving a **** just me, myself and I
But maybe that's just life
Do I dare ask why?
I don't know... but I'll try
Cool breeze of death on the back of my throat
Is there light at end of the tunnel
Or just no hope
Walking on the tightrope
Sliding down a slight *****
Is it only me who just can't cope
When all I want is to look down my kaleidoscope
Puff the magic dragon with the gunsmoke
Am I being real or is this just a joke
VOID Jul 2018
the tingles and the lack of awareness is fun at first
the high that hits you loudly
the high that takes away the mania
the high that makes you dance with nothing but socks on
and sing your favorite rap song when you only know half the lyrics
the kind of high that makes you feel like you are in love with him again
like all the fights and hurt are gone and in this moment you find yourself happy again.
until you pass out
until you drift off to sleep
or black out
and you come to
or wake up
and his weight is ontop of you
and you struggle to breathe
you've been through this before
you've remembered the screams that visit you in your nightmares
so you're silent this time
you close your eyes as he pushes himself inside you
you are silent as he tears apart your sanity again
you've been through this before \but
this time you never said no
this time you chose to be silent
as he has *** with your unwilling body
you can't help to pray silently
"God please get him off me"
" please God not again"
but he isn't your first ******
he isn't a ****** at all
because this time you were silent
this time you aren't sober
this time it's your fault.
God wasn't there
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