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daphne 1d
in a battlefield
when your mind wages war
against that woman and i
for your heart's commitment
i will surrender this futile fight
for i cannot again wager my worth
every time i question your loyalty
daphne 1d
i moulded a fool out of myself
making the punchline my downfall
your lips tug at the sight
and i'd mirror your amused beam
perhaps we both found mirth
in crushing my delicate spirit
i am so sensitive to jokes made about me, i would lay in bed every night trying to dissect every single word.
daphne 2d
i am so desperate for his affection
that if he held out a cup of poison
i would've accepted it with glee
convincing myself the burn it left
was his dose of warmth for me
daphne 7d
often times
she felt like a splotch
daubed carelessly
with splashes of paint
an accidental smear
in a canvas of his artistry
every intricate detail
resembling a complex puzzle
viewers strived to complete

the art connoisseur cannot help
but stagger back in disbelief
acrylics stained his fingertips
calling her beautiful mishaps
the most wonderous masterpiece
  Jan 7 daphne
Though time has built
endless warp
suffering and pain
ancient dust of Africa
breaking down the chain
can you hear
winds of change
through the brain
ancient dust of Africa
a message of hope to all parents
Third world child
daphne Jan 6
she started to plant
this seed in her head
and waters it prudently
with the tears that she sheds
believing if a hummingbird
isn't attracted to her nectar
she should shrivel all her leaves up
for she is not a pretty flower
daphne Jan 6
tea is my solace
the dainty cup offers warmth
when your heart felt cold
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