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  1d daphne
A M Ryder
How do you
Forgive yourself
For all the things
You never became?
daphne 1d
i am a murderer.
i killed my succulent today.
it's leaves swelled, mushed,
and lost its vibrant green hue.
its body began to separate,
and plop lifeless on my windowsill.
i never know when to stop giving.
i give and give too much.
i didn't allow my love time
to dry out between waterings.
i wish it knew the depth of my heart,
that i never meant to make its roots rot,
but i give and give too much.
daphne Sep 9
to her, love is a limited resource
there's not much to give around
you save some for family and friends
but there is rarely a return on investment
love is scarce through her lens
so, when you offer her just a little
she cannot help but cry
at the interest accrued
daphne Aug 31
I think it's too scary to be in love.

You offer them a cup of coffee,
and then your heart races,
hoping it wasn't too hot or too cold, and hoping that the mistake you overlooked was not reason enough
to leave you forever.
daphne Aug 31
convincing myself
that you like me too
is like convincing myself
that the moon follows me
wherever i go
daphne Aug 24
she smiled shyly at him
he grinned back
and they both sat there
smiling stupidly at each other
daphne Aug 13
in another life
i would hold your hand
instead of holding out my feelings
and holding back the temptation
to hold your hand
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