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Akira Chinen Apr 13
a poet sits in a corner
mind adrift floating some eons away
nether here nor there
but somewhere in between
yesterday and tomorrow and today

a reflection escaped from a mirror
a voice without a mouth
an ocean trapped in a tear
a story told over and over again
in a forest where every tree growing
makes its own sound

death is a mystery woven
into the fabric of life
grief is the thread
to which we use to mend our hearts
tragedy is the sacrificial lamb
to the alter where we will find
our laughter again

and love...

love is a sweater in the lost and found
waiting to be worn by anyone
in need of warmth
knitted from the softest yarn
from the generosity of kindness

love is row of crooked deciduous teeth
in a fresh bright smile
not yet ready to be traded
for quarters and trinkets
all giggles and sugar
in the innocence of youth
the magic of children

love is adrift
a vibration
connecting every heart
from this corner to that drugstore
from the gas station
to the solemn park bench
both here and there
anywhere and everywhere
looped through yesterday
  and tomorrow and today
Emmy Anne Apr 2015
Take me back to this beautiful place. Where no one knows my name and the mist settles on the graffitti ridden buildings so softly. Where anxiety is unknown and all i can do is dance to rejoice the new morning. Take me back to the place that only got lovelier as the sun set. Where the lights of the city twinkle from a distance and the street lights smile down at young souls illiminating fear of the night. Take me back to this place i love.

— The End —