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Savio Fonseca Jun 2020
Love having Four Alphabets
and a Hundred Meanings.
Sails on a Thousand Streams.
It holds a Million Feelings
and Nestled in a Billion Hearts.
That are Dreaming, a Trillion  Dreams.
Commands were
for alphabets and
numeric to dance.
On there Codes?

© Feelings Coated
"Let your name alphabets loose 
to mingle with mine!’, Will you?
Ms Alexa to Mr Siri

Excerpt from the book Feelings Coated
XyL0S Jun 2018
We all speak,

What has been told already,

In alphabets and words,

Yet claim ideas,

All jumbled and curved,

And somehow I believe, everything has already been heard.
Äŧül Apr 2015
A: Admiring everything done by the lover
B: Beautifying all habits of the lover
C: Caring always enough for the lover
D: Demonstrating love to the lover
E: Experiencing pain of the lover
F: Flirting exclusively with the lover
G: Glorifying all qualities of the lover
H: Holding hands with the lover
I: Inching closer towards the lover
J: Joking sufficiently for the lover
K: Kindling the flame with the lover
L: Loving every bit about the lover
M: Moving together with the lover
N: Never-ending love for the lover
O: Obeying with wishes of the lover
P: Praying for success of the lover
Q: Qualifying in the eyes of the lover
R: Reinforcing trust with the lover
S: Softening preferences for the lover
T: Trusting forever in the lover
U: Understanding words of the lover
V: Valuing all the feelings of the lover
W: Willing to always help the lover
X: Xenophiling always with the lover
Y: Yearning often to be with the lover
Z: Zooming in on the positives of the lover
Not exactly a conventional poem.

My HP Poem #824
©Atul Kaushal

— The End —