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Isaac Aug 2018
a trillion years passed
this moment not the last
no human thought this far
the world lost its scar
of death and decay
now washed away
time a river to stay
from God's throne to play
love the eternal dawn
a world reborn
Written 8 August 2018
I am one,
In a trillion,
Significant enough,
With standoffish movement of air,
Of any velocity.
I will furnish you with an upchucking sensation,
In your solar plexus,
And move your heavy head,
Round and round,
Round and round.
Outdoing the darkness,
Above and beneath,
I will emerge cold-eyed;
I will emerge cold-eyed,
And hit the strong,
And bold,
And black boulders.
And sprinkle moisture droplets on your pale face.
I am one,
In a trillion,
Vying with my facsimiles,
And similar ones,
For reaching the untraced,
And unfrequented coves,
With puissance,
And robbing the possessions,
I will recede.
I will recede,
And submerse everything with me,
And what awaits me,
On my way.
And dunk yourselves,
Thinking I will wash all your transgresses,
You puny creatures,
I will,
But wash only your grimy,
And filthy bodies.
Advance farther,
And you will be another meal,
To me.
I am one,
In a trillion,
Significant enough,
Roaring monotonously.
I am a wave,
In a humongous ocean,
Busier than a bee,
Rising and falling,
Growing old,
And working harder,
Than ever.
L Marie Sep 2015
Take a deep breath and let those bitter sweet thoughts
Just drizzle in, like soft rain kissing your cheek;
As tears flow seamlessly uninterrupted
From your closed eyes, you let all your limbs turn weak;
Tune out all that surrounds you and listen close
To the drumming noise and feel the vibrations
Of your heart as it beats its powerful pulse
Through your feeble body, no hesitation;
That beat is what fights for you more than anything,
That wants nothing but your life and never stops;
It never takes a break or doubts its duty,
Yet here you thought that nothing loves you enough.
You thought you could just end it and hurt no one
While your heart keeps beating, for it disagrees;
Every cell in your body loves you, needs you
Only one harsh thought can’t see what the rest sees.

— The End —