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Hamies Apr 2020
Just like a supernova we had to explode
our massive admiration had come to an end
of its beautiful life span
& our nova was brighter than any other cosmic event
enhanced with lilac and bluish hydrogen colors
so enormous, making it look like a whole new galaxy
but like all massive stars we turned into a black hole
swallowing every star coming in our way
and as much of a mystery we will remain
as much of a apocalypse we will stay
and maybe if the milky way would've been closer to our collision
we could've been a celestial ellipse
in a universe filled with endless stars

and as typical for a black hole, space and time collapse when we touch the event horizon
and we become one magical unexplainable element with each other
so powerful that when time slows down
there won't be any other thought than your silhouette dancing from one star to another
catching the last remaining particles of love rotating around our supermassive black hole
in another galaxy we would've been another infinite love story between thousand of star collisions
alexander case Nov 2018
the empire of temptation        
defied gravity        
planets aligned        
strung by locks of burgundy        
asteroids plunged from her shoulders        
pleiades eyes  
shot like comets through defences        
the core of my force field agape  
holes spluttered butterflies      
spawned from cosmic clouds        

i lay beneath her        
transfixed by the depth of majesty
her galactic reign over night
i did not fall        
i did not grow weary till daybreak        
shielded by the blood of dawn        
we faded into light and dreamt of taurus        
gravity could not stop        
the empire of temptation
trf Aug 2018
Can you carve color like you crave attention,
My eyes are starving,
for a golden glimpsing,
Will we wander or will we surrender,
To the darkness,
Blinding our vision.

Will these wild white words
Garner redemption,
I'm just a poor boy,
from the home of the hits and,
Can we feel like we do on the streets of New Orleans,
Watch your glass and half your portion.

What in this white world changes?
Dust bowls now filled, aren't so dangerous,
But let's Forgo the colors and drink from loving cups,
Give your hugs to a stranger.
“Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Nawlins Louisiana , home of the hits, and if you’re from outa town, huh ha, welcome to the third world”
RIP Houseman
Star BG Dec 2017

Operation of
Galactic Light infusion
as currents of air grace my breath.
As beings of light assist with their presence.

Operation of
Galactic Light infusion
as I awaken to know who I am.
As I whisper gratitude for everything.

Operation of
Galactic Light infusion
as I release old ego mind patterns.
As I’m finally free to stand up
and make a difference.
Grace Aug 2017
-the stars
-the moon
-the galaxy
-other galaxies
-the insignificance of humans
-the concept of time
-the possibility of other dimensions
-your laugh and the way your eyes crinkle at the corner
If I stood on top
Some polar planet
And looked for you
Among the traffic
Of meteor showers
And beyond that I'd see
Only vast empty space
Don't worry cause
I've not yet laid us down
For then I'd know for sure
You're just somewhere in
Illusive Earth
Perhaps sitting inside
Some cliché cafe
Stirring, brewing up
A Mocha galaxy
On your creamy latte
Listening to
Treasure Planet Soundtracks
Like that one entitled
"I'm Still Here"
But if ever you just
Suddenly get up
And leave an empty spot
In that tiny world
Inside me
Asking for space
In between
When there's enough around
And more above
Then I might begin
To wonder
Where at this moment
In this infinite
Could you possibly
Be drifting now
Understanding planetary crisis
view with evolutionary eyes memory of 14 billion years behold
struggle to evolve
from this vantage point
either side of the coin
of current situation breakdown
environmental personal social now
evolutionary drivers pushing across
towards a new galactic humanity most
crisis's occurring are needed
bringing awakening of species heeded
responding to these crisis's
a new focus arises
from compassion and creativity
taking a quantum jump collectively
capable of conscious evolution
co-creating with nature in union
planetary management social transformation
although a dangerous time
entering nature leading to
a universal humanity true
far transcending our current world
more responsible foretold
managing complex ecological system
pro-creation to co-creation rhythm
all members of a planetary body
multidimensional rebirth not oddly
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