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Mark Toney Jul 2020
I'm the Big Dog—VY Canis Majoris
in the Big Dog constellation
that's why you still adore us
Howling loudly—I'm a star!
Among the biggest known to man
Distinctly visible from afar
so don't look for me at Cannes!
I'm an interstella' fella red
hypergiant pulsating fireball
which drives the ladies mad!
Living large in the Milky Way G
I'm bright and sizzlin' hot as can be
Full of soul, a potential black hole
So move it on ova' while I supernova!

© 2020 Mark Toney.  All rights reserved.
7/1/2020 - Poetry form: Personification - This flight of fancy packs star power! - © 2020 Mark Toney.  All rights reserved.
Liis Belle Jun 2015
Forget about London, forget about LA
Or some sunny exotic island you visited last May
And flashback to that winter of young hopeful romance
Of our days strolling around the cobbled streets of France
Key into the Seine, our love sealed by the locks
Feeding bread crumbs to pigeons as they come by the flock
Lourdes's faith and divinity approves of our entwined hearts
Cannes opens its arms for our new united start

But London sticks to your mind
And now you live in LA
Surfing and lying in the open sun
The sunlight is your summer sleigh
Concrete streets and tall palm trees
There's no more chilly winter breeze

And back in France dies our last chance
Didn't you hear? They're removing the locks
They weigh down the bridge, puts people in danger
I guess love can't always last forever
Sometimes the burden becomes too much
And you burn everything that you touch
The time has come to extinguish the flames
And that's the end of our little French game

— The End —