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Hennessy 5260 Jun 18
A word we carelessly throw around,
Casually to people we like and some we don't
An emotion so rare these days.

In a world so corrupt,
Families fueled by greed,
Betrayal fueled by lust,
Frenemies frolicking with lovers

We have accepted our fate,
We trust too little,
Love less,
Fake more.

So forgive me if I do not say the words back,
I am a child of this world,
I've learnt all too well,
My love is but nothing to be treasured.

Or perhaps I too have been corrupted
I know not what love is
So remind me
Of my innocence once lost.
Julia Apr 2019
half of us #relationshipgoals
half of us online dating
half of us :ps and lols
half in the comments hating

the other half soul decorum
the other half sniff and listen
the other half is all forum
the other half huggin kissin
Colten Sorrells Jan 2019
they all got that new phone

that just came out last week

and with that and their cars,

they have noodles to eat

updating their socials

while at work at their job

and living so "healthy"

so wealthy

top shelf

with a case of Top Ramen

and e-books on self-help

a whole nation arranged

not to think, but consume

if this is our future, I'd say

we're all doomed
Colten Sorrells Jan 2019
on the interwebs wanking

and looking for ***

you might get some love

if you put down the tech

I have been people-watching

and the things I observed,

have left me much more

than a little disturbed

our future is doomed

as the youth of our nation

lack basic skills,

like communication

clean their cars out

for Facebook

'cos they think that the world

gives a **** how their face looks

and they want their neighbors,

friends to see

their perfect,

plastic "family"
Frances Taylor Dec 2018
We’re in an epidemic
Our generation is sick
There isn’t a magic medicine
And there isn’t a quick fix

You cannot see this illness
It is cruel and it hides
It is not just the body it effects
But it lives within our minds

Maybe you think I'm being dramatic,
Attention-seeking or a drone
But there’s reason behind its nickname
The Silent Killer - it is known

The black dog, The darkness,
Call it what you will,
For all intents and purposes
Depression fits the bill

Depression leaves you powerless,
It ***** your life away.
“You’re no good, you can’t do this”
That’s what it’s voice will say.

Can you imagine what it feels like,
To not be in control of your own mind,
To give in to an illness,
And leave the old you behind

Somedays you can’t get out of bed,
Somedays you can’t face eating,
Somedays you feel nothing at all,
Happiness feels like cheating.

Guilty, Embarrassing, Stupid,
A burden to everyone else.
So we live with this illness in secret,
We live with poor mental health.

But 1 in 4 will feel this way,
At some point in our lives.
So why do we remain silent?
Afraid to talk but why?

And why is it so common?
This I cannot understand
Especially in our young generation
It’s getting out of hand

We’re developing so quickly,
Our minds cannot keep up
This millennial mindset
Is what is causing this rut

We strive so much for something
But what are we striving for?
A 9-5 job? Money to pay bills?
Always wanting more.

Our young lives lack meaning
We grew up with wanderlust
We’ve built so many expectations
This world cannot do them just

A self fulfilling prophecy
Goals that can’t be done
No wonder we feel like failures
Before we’ve even begun

It is easy to forget
That us humans have needs too
It is health that is the real wealth
Gold and silver will not do

So I end this note by saying
Though I know it’s hard to hear
You are good enough, you can do this  
You’re not alone, that’s clear

100 billion neurons
That’s what the brain contains
But your mind is infinite
Each one is not the same

If Depression is a cloud
then your mind is the sky
It does not define you
It will pass you by.
Julian Delia Sep 2018
Frozen in place I stood,
A deer caught in a hunter’s crosshair.
I never thought you would,
But you did; you killed me, right there.

I am angry at myself, most of all;
For staying when I should have left,
For not dodging the bullet and taking the fall.
Twice now, I found myself broken;
Carelessly adrift in life,
Like a raft on the ocean.
Too much pain this chest,
These monsters in my head
Feel like an obstacle I cannot best.

I don’t just want to be loved;
I want us all to love and understand one another.
‘It’s not possible, we’re too different,’
Those who wish to rebuttal will answer.
No, that is the distant path you chose,
I choose to keep my humanity close.

And yet, I cannot stop the terrifying flashbacks.
You made me feel like a train veering off its tracks.
Like a bridge that leads to a precipice,
Nothing but a cold, dark abyss.
Meet the millennials -
The most criticised generation,
Suffering from emotional stagnation,
Raised on a steady diet of instant gratification.

‘What do you want, then?’
I want us to feel the soil with our bare feet.
To associate freely with others we meet,
Not bow down to the pretension of the elite.
To embrace our soul,
Not shun it and drive it into a locked room;
To retrace our role,
Not simply run our life’s course to its doom.

We are being led astray,
Our hopes and dreams hidden away.
We have no room for thought, little to say,
For few want to go out of their way.
No criticism, no originality -
No witticism, no vitality.
We are criticised for criticising,
And we are ostracised when we act defying.

We are the paralysed;
Our fears leave us immobilised,
Anxiety and depression,
Killing variety of expression.
We languish in prisons
That we build for ourselves in our own head;
We have nightmarish visions,
Like a guild of the living dead.
A re-write of another failed poetryfoundation submission, because **** those guys.
Moushmi Mehta Apr 2018
The greatest minds have repeatedly said
The matters of the heart are delicate & bare
So I looked & I looked, for the magical potion
Everytime a glimmer of hope shows, I think in slow motion

Wondering what this person would mean to me
Overthinking if I should just shut my brain & let it be
“Let’s see where it goes” if it goes, it never does
Let’s just have fun instead, ignore any real bonding or trust
ffn Apr 2018
****** coffee,
Sleepless nights,
Broken hearts,
And drunken fights.
Luna Fides Mar 2018
i witnessed a burglary today.

kids were seating at the back side of the jeepney
***** feet hanging,
snot running down their noses
the one beside me says,
“these kids will be thieves one day.”
and i look at these
little mud-eyed ones
filled with silent anger
and confusion.

if this is how we cast them
how could they change something
that was molded in stone for them?

we are responsible for the next generation
and yet we rob these children
a chance to create their own identity
and blame them for things
we should’ve
jeepney is a public form of transportation in the Philippines
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