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afiifa Jun 29
Behind that composed look.
Behind all of those shades.
.....................There is me.
A traveller on a journey.
Searching for more.
For a meaning of some sort .
Searching for peace & tranquility.
Love, devotion & all that's in between.
Tony Tweedy Jun 28
Phase one to have the compulsive need to be close to them.
Phase two to share a desire for someone who inspires your passions.
Phase three to know lust and be unrestrained by needs and desires.

More than just a pleasure seeking and the sharing of intimacy... a craving shared by two.... inseparable... entwined... a mating of spirit and soul.

The evidence of true loves power to make two souls rejoice.
There are differences between need, desire, lust and ultimately love... but so many of us believe we have found it when only one of these factors is the foundation. How powerful the feeling of having all three? How many of us have had the experience to tell?
i write random words,
not sure someone will understand what i mean.

I am not good at poetry,
but i try to make it look clean.

My choice of words are very boring,
but please do know that i am trying.

They're all mixed up, the thoughts inside my head,
so i write poetry, for the thoughts i should've said.
this was an accident and quick poem i wrote in my notes at my last poem i posted. I find it hard explaining, some ppl i know irl don't believe that. My words get mixed up whenever i try explaining, so i just let them think, what they want to think. No matter what i explain, my words becomes different inside their heads.
-jia m
Alicia Moore Jun 27
Do not attempt to understand the meaning of this life
And why our eyes are awake
And our hearts are pumping;
Instead understand that there is no meaning.
Understand that everything you do,
Means nothing amongst the vast stars.
Meaning can only exist within ourselves,
Not on a wider scale.
We are insignificant masses that somehow reign superior.
The meaning of growing up,
Perhaps lost in translation
I never realized what it meant,
To lose your innocence
And the feeling of playing catch up,
When the train had left the station.
β€ͺYou’ll take us to the same places‬
β€ͺYou’ll sing us the same songs‬

β€ͺTo you they’re just disposable, ‬
β€ͺTo me itβ€˜s something more‬
It = the meaning behind those things, the memories left behind them.

A person I dated turned out to be dating someone else at the same time and I found out we were both being taken on the same dates, the spots, the same exact pictures only with a different person in frame... even made us the same promises, that they didn’t even keep
autumn Jun 24
when your feet dangle above the ground
and you find yourself soaring through the clouds
when the curls on your head bounce with every step

when the iridescent stardust oozes from your palms
and beams of luminescence caress your skin
tugging at the corners of your lips

when you exhale the poison from your lungs
and taste the sweet forbidden fruit upon your tongue
when you're all alone
and battling the terrors of your mind

when your gaze meets those pretty brown eyes
the mirror of your own
the window to your soul
the door to your most brilliant galaxy
the pathway to your heart...

you have chosen happiness.
now, tell me,
are you happy?
a letter from me to me.
they say
great men found
enlightenment caves,
outside civilization.
in my high rise I look out
over the land.
what wisdom
can one find eavesdropping
in dusky caverns?
what knowledge can be
gleaned outside the home,
which cannot be found within it?
Heartbeat that went live when I cried into the world
Heartbeat that went up the first time I felt happiness
Heartbeat that went up the first time I saw my mother's smile
Heartbeat that goes up every time I am with my friends
Heartbeat that goes up every time I hear his voice
Heartbeat that now goes up with every scream in the world
Heartbeat that goes up every time an innocent soul is taken away
Heartbeat that shatters at every time I hear a girl's cry in the air
Crying for her life and mind taken away by devil's in human shapes
Heartbeat that screams every time inhumanity wins over love
Heartbeat that finally goes up with every hope
Heartbeat that still believes life is worth living
Heartbeat that cherishes life and happiness
Heartbeat that protects true friendship and soul connection
Heartbeat that I listen to, heartbeat hidden in my heart
Hearbeat that pours my soul's scream into lines
Heartbeat that guides my mind out of the darkest depths of despair
Heartbeat that will stop the day I'll leave this world
Heartbeat that will seal my journey
Heartbeat, heartbeat, heartbeat...
It takes a heartbeat to take away a human's life but it also takes a heartbeat to show love, compassion and stand courageously for what's right.
Steve Page Jun 17
Holding my relevance
close to my chest
in case it's dropped
and lost
We all need to know our relevance
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