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Braydon Dungan Sep 2021
i had a great day-
although it was raining
and the skies were dark
and i passed faces i felt like
i've never seen before.
but it was still a great day,
despite the revolving visions
of the past where i was pained
enough to be forever engraved
with a symbol of the mistakes you made.
it was still a great day
hold your head up high,
know the past is in the past.
but it's not-
the past lives inside me
a fiery tornado of rage,
a sinner living amongst perfection,
holding me in its deceptive embrace.
i try to let go
of all the things unforgotten
but i cannot seem to forget
the way you hurt me.
today was a good day
even though i remember
all the things in the past,
at least we have the memories
that seem to fade so fast
Braydon Dungan Apr 2020
you are the burn of cigarette smoke
painful, tearing at the insides of my body
yet i need you, i always crave you
smiling as you rush through my body
you can hear me screaming for help
yet i am silent
there is no sound, no movement
only the tears that drip from my eyes
a waterfall, slowly being drained of every drop
i look up
you are my detriment
and cigarettes only burn for so long
Braydon Dungan Dec 2019
how can you love someone so much
yet strip them down to their core
march all over them without a single punch
really, i mean what are you waiting for
i've always had that little hunch
whispering that there was something more
did you think of me when you felt her touch
or did you throw me out that backdoor
i'm barely standing, one arm on this crutch
your love for me the third world war
i know you say 'i love you' and such,
but do you see this broken heart and all of its gore?
Braydon Dungan Dec 2019
i stopped writing because you made me feel loved
when you looked at me, i saw all your worries
your eyes glowed with tenderness
i craved your touch, pure as snow
my tears were my torture but your whispers were my escape
i stopped writing because you were the words i never knew needed to be said
i didn't want anything to change
but you changed
and now i am writing again
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