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Bullet Apr 16
‪I’m starting to catch a vibe from this little lady ‬
‪That there might be a maybe ‬
‪For this pretty beauty to be a baby ‬
‪She’s ending confos acting very independent ‬
‪Speaking in heys just to pick a needle ‬
‪Something to draw me in ‬
‪Needing a little sweetie to this peppermint gum honey‬
Do you prefer peppermint or sweet gum?
Elly Apr 11
maybe you wanted me to hate you
'cause God knows how much I love you,
maybe you hate me, or you just don't like me
'cause why else would you...
appear and disappear in my life like that
like you were just passing by;
i watch you at it
waiting and waiting
while here i am
waiting for you to decide.
to stop,
to look at me,
and see me,

choose me?

you wanted me to hate you
for me to forget that i love you,
so i could stop waiting
and you stop evolving in your own remorse.
'cause every person knows its exhausting
to be inside this room, this kind of feeling.

and maybe,
just maybe
i would get tired of all these
Elly Apr 11
maybe you'll love me
and of course i did love you

but the problem is just like the tenses i used above
we never did..
at the same time
Spooks Apr 6
i could see heaven in your eyes
the saddest sun will rise
a forever we may be
if only your eyes could see
lips as soft cream
touch so gentle at the seam
i wonder if you could love me
cause when i look at you i see the sea
Could it be?
Maybe meant to be
Euphrosyne Apr 1
Someday we'll be okay
Because someday will be our day
Some say after all the struggles we've been on they know we'll both stay
So someday it'll be so much okay

Someday, you'll be mine
Laying by my side,
Fighting each others war
After that fights we'll soar.

Your love please don't give it away
Because someday I'll show you the love you deserve everyday.
Someday we'll be exchanging words
That someday I'll be yours.

Someday I'd like to say
It's so much better with you everyday
Because your the love that I don't need to throw away,
I know people ignored you and stayed away
So I'm here keeping you anyway.
Don't you worry my sweety you'll never be castaway.

And just like the Hispanics say
(incluso la gente bloquea mi camino)
Even people block my way
(Te amare todos los dias)
I'll love you everyday
When we get to that someday.
Maybe someday we'll be our day.
Jenny Ochoa Mar 24
I'm not ready, I'm not prepared, the thought of little pitter patters makes me scared..... The thought of labor, the thought of pain, makes me want to run the other way!
Am I expecting, or am I not, not knowing for certain has my stomach in knots..... what if I am, what if I'm not, having someone call me momma is one crazy thought!
I am a little late && im a little shook!
Arcassin B Mar 23
By Arcassin B.

Dos and don't , they could both be right and wrong
if you do the math,
special hearts bring a light to your soul and make
you feel like you want to cook your mother  a meal
she didn't plan on having but you thought the gesture
was kind anyway, i digress , where's my place?
I wish that were my reality instead of a filled hate,
i wish that people could see what I see, and can relate,
i wish things didn't have to be what they portray,
i wish family could grow closer by the day and take
away the pain,
but it was always darkness,
always darkness,
what's the occasion for the evening,
light fires , anarchists.


You're a different species my heart,
you're a new prophecy,
more than what I could be right now.

speak to me like you speak to your mom,
love me like your last dead pet,
i want it all love.

amber Mar 23
all the wine
went to my head
you fell back
and went to bed
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