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  Nov 17 Healer
When the water reaches overhead,
Your lungs can't gasp beyond the dread,
You've broken down, you've cried and bled,
but don't shut down.

When the floor falls 'way beneath your feet,
Your dry mouth has no words to speak,
The rhythm fails, you missed a beat,
but don't shut down.

I coax you from your corner cave,
I drag your mind far from the grave,
And all I had to give, I gave;
Don't shut down.
I reach out to you again and again. I never gave up on you, and I cherish your growth.
When you have those dark days, it hurts to watch you shut down again.
  Nov 14 Healer
Shivangi Singh
Started with denial
Too unreal to believe

Then we were lost
No remedy to relieve

With uncertainty & despair
Many are broken beyond repair

But we crawled into acceptance
Built a fort of interdependence

When normalcy seems a far-fetched wish
You realise the time wasted on bigger fish

Maybe its a hint to straighten up priorities
When its life or death,too futile for insecurities
  Nov 2 Healer
If you broke up
And moved on,
It was not love.
My HP Poem #1895
©Atul Kaushal
  Nov 2 Healer
Her soul is so drunk on dreams
but, what you see her,
a soulless sober
is just an illusion projected from
her fear of rejections and failures.

Just wait till this magical girl
blows off all her fears.
Once she drops the veil
her drunken soul will run wild
chasing her beautiful dreams.
  Oct 16 Healer
Ashly Kocher
You continue to grow into your wings
Understanding and accepting
The mental mind games
It’ll hit you at unexpected times
Processing it at face value
Yet knowing your never alone
Feeling it
Dealing with it
Growing with it
As you continue to soar
Allowing your wings to help your grow
  Oct 6 Healer
wonder why things are the way they are
doesn't make sense to me

days feel like a blur now
dreaming of the days I was a child

stressed out
tearing off my skin

dry hands
and chapped lips
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