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I want to write poetry
like a confession that I’m bleeding
like blood that I’m crying
like a heart’s cry that I’m singing
like it’s a love song that I’m feeling
like it’s a feeling that I’m fighting
like it’s a fight I’m welcoming
like it’s a welcome I’m inviting
like it’s an invite I’m opening
like I’m open and amazing
I want to write amazing poetry
like I’m reading some famous poet
and that poet in me
A million stars shine above,
the cloudless sky reflects on the water,
the navy blue lake absorbs the full moon
and I quietly watch from a safe distance,
alone, on the green grass, I'm afraid to blink
and realize all this beauty is just a dream.
  Jul 23 Healer
Kirsten Claire
I could never understand
What could force someone
To harm their sacred vessel
To take a knife to their canvas
Painting it the deepest red

But then again
My skies are blue
And their's is gray
So maybe I don't understand
But I want to try

To all of you hurting, I pray for you <3
  Jul 22 Healer
Chelsea Rae
I sometimes wonder if it was fated.

Maybe it is my job to be the evil one now.

Maybe we were meant to switch roles this way

And I was meant to experience this pain, this empty, this hatred

For everything for being nothing I ever wanted.

Lately I find myself stopping and wondering,

"Did you feel this way too? Behind closed doors and in your waking every day life, were you also consumed by this?
Have you wanted to be better but every day become
Jeckle and Hyde even though you didn't want to?
Did you experience the loneliness?
The distance? The fear? The panic?
The pure hell that is this existence?!"

Sometimes I really do wonder.
Sometimes I get curious enough to want to ask.
Sometimes I am really glad I can't ask when the moment sparks
because that means opening a whole new door,

Building a whole new bridge again
And DEAR GOD how it hurt growing up and watching the ones
I put so much work into get blown apart, repeatedly set ablaze by the dynamite you set off again and again and I just watched.
Like a child who just had their tower of blocks pushed over
I watched my bridge constantly decimated by fire, as each piece fell into the moat you built around your castle that you built around yourself to continue to waste away like the skeleton King you are
as you whisper your last breath, "You never really loved me."

Now look at you.
King of Nothing.

Who had a skeleton princess who swiped away her father's ashes from the gold laced throne and she took his place.
She dies waiting for her Prince that will never come
because she simply won't let down the draw bridge.
  Jul 22 Healer
The world paints over whatever it wants over you like you are an empty canvas, Its upto you to stay vigilant and selectively absorb what you need rather than what you're forced with.

Find your direction, find your sense of perfection redefine yourself to be the art you dream of.
Striving to become the art that i dream of.
Healer Jul 21
Does the solitary candle desire to melt and die?
Is it silvered kite fate to glide on the wind?
How can a blind seek the uncertain light?
What if these wishes are the test of an unfair life.
Maybe it wasn't about the candle's love,
But the warm gaze of baleful flame grew all unkind.
Maybe a blind can't find the light,
can't differentiate between black and white.
Like pandora's box mystery, the light will give him a fright.
Maybe there is no answer that is right.
My mother once said,'no one is empty of love'
Then why every soul is thirsty,
Why is every heart full of questions?
  Jul 21 Healer
Left To Rot
You weren't born to be your family's dream come true,
to wear what people choose for you,
to feel guilty for never being good enough.
You know that perfect cousin you were taught to admire?
They're just as troubled as you are,
perhaps they mess up just as much
but they cover up their tracks.
I can confirm, I've seen the lies,
I've seen the remorse in their eyes,
that is, while they still have any.
So, don't take life as it is,
change a little, for a change,
do what you gotta do, life is too strange
to have only one way to succeed.
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