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  Nov 2023 Healer
To simplify,
To complicate,
These questions, on repeat,
In my questioning, confused head.

What do I want from this world,
Beyond simplification,
Yet a fraction of complication?
I’ll never know.

All I know, is that incarcerated birds,
still cheerfully chirp,
And nothing is ever what it seems,
Not even people.

I learned the hard way,
Achieving desires means,
Losing drive,
A sense of purpose,
And all fulfillment subsides.

Success is a state of mind,
Placement is what brings you peace,
So much to experience,
Yet so little focus.

At a certain point,
When getting old,
This contemplation follows,
And leaves me with nothing to show,
For all that I’ve experimented with—
Because staying put is too hard to bear.
Yesterday I wanted a normal lifestyle, with a 9-5 work schedule and weekends off. Today, I’m looking at career paths that require me to leave home and travel A LOT. I achieve everything I set out for, yet none of it scratches that itch after doing so. I can never just make a decision.
Healer Jun 2023
The clay bird said to the caged bird, "There's this burning desire to fly and soar, but my clay heart chokes on the fear of finding my shattered pieces on the ground."
Healer Jun 2023
Should I make peace with this persistent Mirage
let my life bleed ?
Healer May 2023
Failure a ruthless painter
splatters my soul with its tainted brush,
Staining the fabric of my hope,
Shredding the canva of  my ambition.
Eroding the castle/ fortress of my desires, it washes away the footprints of progress.
I am left stranded in bottomless sea of missed opportunity
collecting the shattered pieces of my expectations.
Healer May 2023
I never noticed that my heartbeat was so beautiful,
In the solitude of my evening,
I discovered this delight,

As my heart played a symphony of treat,
Lub dub Lub dub Lub dub
In this melodious Serenity, I found myself wrapped in my own embrace.

It was today, I came to know that
The pulsing of my bounded soul, the cadence of my fading heart,
Is my harmony to myself, my whisper of peace.
Note to the reader: Embrace your inner symphony and find harmony in life's beautiful beats.
  Apr 2023 Healer
I am not your favourite person
it is not right, you know nothing about me
I am a closed book,
don't open me to read,
the empty pages are not yours to fill,
I am normal, don't make me feel bad
It is exceptional, the part you expect me to fill still,
But I am my own person,
Keying my destiny to be apart.
Healer Feb 2023
My failures are the loudest silence,
I have ever sat with
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