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Avery Feb 25
Why can't you comprehend
The words even my dog can understand
Avery Feb 25
Pin me down
Observe my canyons and rivers
Valleys of motion
Mountains of strength
Map me out
From head to toe, 69.5 inches of
Pure insecurity
Plot me
Graph me
Reduce me
To something I both am and am not
Avery Feb 22
If we were only friends with perfect people
Our lives would be pretty freaking lonely
Avery Feb 22
Who is this "you"
I keep writing
Talking to.
Avery Dec 2019
If you don't like me just say so
Avery Dec 2019
Fresh indigo streaks of sky
Color the wind as you say goodbye
Avery Dec 2019
The bravest thing a person can do
Is love another
Even when you know they won't last
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