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Avery Oct 8
My power is inevitable
Unfortunately, so is yours
Avery Oct 6
I let you cry into my shoulder
I listened to your woes
I ignored if I didn't like your jokes
I spent hours hand making
To make me feel I was worthy
All I want is that in return
Avery Oct 6
Like water flowing
Like the color
I always used to see in your
Avery Oct 6
I don't like
How you say my name
Like a twisted greeting
The wrong inviting
But everyone's friends with you
You can't be so bad
Avery Sep 18
Do you think I require
A special key
To open and tell thoughts
A cheating code
To get twice as far with half the effort
Do you think I need
To be defused
Simply cutting a wire and moving on
Like nothing had gone wrong
Do you even think
No, really
When you cried,
Decided nothing was worth salvaging
From the flames of your misdemeanors
Did you even think
About the fact that raging fire
The fury of flames
That might ensue in others eyes
Just please
Get out of my mind
Your failing fallacies of thinking you
Always have to be the hero
Or the victim
With no inbetween
Clearly you’ve been wronged
For you to say and not remember
You’re not the only one with a broken heart
But you are almost alone with your broken mind
Don’t turn my faults on me
With smooth words and dancing
You’re not the hero of this plot
But I think that was your ending line
Leave, and try not to ruin
The remains of what might be saved
From the fire you caused
The destruction you gave
From an upcoming writing project
Avery Sep 2
I hate
And I wish I could say it wasn't you
But you taught me never to lie
Avery Sep 2
At my funeral
Cry tears of blooming cyclamen
With daises shattered to the wind
Of thoughts far too late
And as you walk away
Leave cedar flowers at my grave
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