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AceLione Jun 11
Walk with me down this path
I'll hold your hand, make sure you won't get lost
Have Faith in me
Listen to my voice, I'll clear the cloud within your mind
Have belief in me
It's rough, you might fall but let me help you up
Rely on me
Every burden, share with me, I'm here
When the birds of spring sang with joy
To hail the blowing breeze pampering the face rapidly with moisturizing coy
When rays of the shine stand very kind to make the life neither hot nor too cold
Life rushes through the mobility of less anxiety or creating abundant tumult  
Shining novelty on juvenile tress’ robe bestow jubilee to those hurry to work
In confronting the bundle you expect to parole
Life is so lovely what are you feeling for?
- “ seems… GARLIC…?”
The most beautified Criollo … ladies of shadow…listen to spring and smooth song of returning swallows
- “ sounds GARLIC..?”
Sender of magic rockets to Apollo… ladies of shallow…   smell of plant mingled with heavenly blossom of sharp blue, it is a time to define the final intentions supposed to follow…
- “ feels GARLIC…?”
Drowsy, numb, with mouths open, shoulders down like zombies out of tomb… who are you? mighty dancers with delicate willow with strong sense of itching on our marrow
- “…ladies of GARLIC…”
Nobody comes, nobody goes, life is so hollow, what it supposed to be full of energy …you You talk a lot…just go!
smell strange not from corpses but from walls, earth, and ceiling… what is it?  
- “….life is …GARLIC…”
On Remembrance of days we were not acknowledged enough to health and may not very happy but a routine life we had. Never think to enjoy spring, to enjoy times we are in an assembly, and to enjoy our talking through avoiding extra complaining on trivials.
Adrian Feb 24
If I’m getting involved,
Give me a reason to care.

I can help with matters
Pertaining to your mind,
But I am not so kind
All of the time.
I’m not the nicest man alive, but I assure you that it’s unintentional. Sensitivity isn’t my forté (I think that’s the accent placement).
Mr Trismegistus Aug 2019
"If, for me, you will enlist,"

Says the Spirit,

"I will assist."
bakunawa Apr 2019
were you a bodiless ghost
i could ask of you to haunt me
be with me,
or even blame me.

yet you're now a barely beeping machine
i can only wish you're dreaming peacefully
there is this one folklore or myth that says fireflies cannot cry or weep tears, that's why they burn themselves instead as catharsis.

in reality though, the light they emit comes from luciferin, and instead of a fire is actually a cold reaction. sad though, they really aren't given the chance of purgation.

read this as you will.

but would you say it were coup de grace if a lonely little firefly were to die in the blaze of warmth and in their own volition

or do you think it were any better for her to carry on cold and without escape in a world where she can't cry or give up?
Thomas EG Aug 2018
How could one yearn so badly
Yet not strive for said desire ?

My purchases are less of a luxury
But more of a dependency

And my heart is set on a necessity
So, as much as I will cry in wait,

I will need assistance in motivation
Please help me save (for) myself
We all need help sometimes
Ron Gavalik Jul 2018
On the bicycle trail, a middle-aged
woman in spandex biking gear
had her bike flipped upside down.
I dismounted next to her.
“You need a hand?”
She kept her eyes fixed
on her bike wheel. “Why do I need
your help?” Her voice was filled
with contempt. “It’s only a flat.”
I didn’t respond.
Pedaling along the river,
I made the decision
to keep offering assistance.
Someday I’d need it.

-Ron Gavalik
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Lyn-Purcell Aug 2017
No one can make it in
this world without
It's ok to ask for help.
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