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I rather hide in bonnet
Before the strange cocoon
That was subsided
Down the brooch,
To where the diamond.
So many of the visitors
Arriving by the door;
Ten of them were riches,
But all of them were poor.

"The Queen, the Queen,
The Queen does come forth," yells a girl from St. Anne's to the patrons in court.
The Queen's procession wraps around the lake right over the bridges and up to main gate.
The criers are ringing their bells.
"Make way, make way," yells Saint Blaise.
The next to come forth is the Kriegshunde of old yelling knockviter to those who would be bold.
Steel Bonnet came next, clinking and clanking like a rusty steel mess.
Then the footmen came forth with pikes so high that they slice through the trees with a fright.
The Mariners came shambling past, those sea-loving folk, you know the ones without anything that floats.
Then the flags of all companies converge in front of the nobles we so deserve.
As you see the drummers called Rolling Thunder precede the Queen's chair,
  and a patron yells, "Is that the Queen of the faire?"
Copyright 2017 Michael Robert Triska
I have been volunteering at the renaissance faire for 28 years.
A cornflower
lavish these
hearts of
gold in
fields will
enchant harvest
with sunshine
in a
row and
foothills dash
plains with
nervy glares
where whitewater
raft in
these rapids
that hallow
river bridge.
Judypatooote Mar 2015
In your Easter Bonnet, with all the frills upon it.
An Easter bonnet on every girls head
Pink, green, yellow and some times red...

Some had bright flowers, set on the side
Others had ribbon, wrapped around and tied...

It was a beautiful sight, those colorful hats
Setting pretty on moms, daughters, and sometimes the cat...

By ~ judy

Every cat should have a hat...

— The End —