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Left Foot Poet Oct 2015
only I know
when I email you
tidbits of life,
that I need only
address you as b,
for in a nano second,
my tablet will acknowledge
that I am writing in secret code to mine own

7:05 am
i don't know anything anymore, but i do know i love you.
Nylee Oct 5
You know what
I am sad.
You know what
That isn't least bit surprising.
You know what
You'll learn that if you have read
more pieces of my work.
You know what
I guess I should stop.
You know what
But I can't.
You know I feel like telling you
all the things that happened to me.

You know what
I hope you are ready to listen.
I really don't know anymore.
A "poem" every day.
mercy party Sep 23
leaving here with nothing
but an empty notebook of ideas
i finally stopped thinking
about how it was

you could never get the news on me
because i'm just too northerly
forever staying off your grid
maybe it's your turn
to wonder what i did

understanding my anonymity
instinctually like a sparrow
that never dare enter the open window

because it just knows
i will worth
that great wealth

to be wide of her
as the rich one

heard me
noticed me

how i talked
about her

he spies
he sends eyes

until he sees
he loves

he tells the offers
and i had chances

to be rich
or have her smart

but i love her
i let her know

any more
she does know

i become wide
i do not take that amount
which makes absent
to any mind
the man loves her, he wishes every good to who beloved. and he can sacrifice for
Valentia Sep 19
another sleepless night
muddled heart,
muddled mind.

i'm losing myself and
it's all your fault

i don't care about
anything else just
in love with me already

i can't
You don't know ...

you don't know ...
how i do ...
how i feel ...
about you ...
your name ...
i keep ...
always in my mind ...
since i wake up ...
every day ...
to hear your name ...
calls me ...
to follow you ...
there where you lay ...
you don't know ...
how do i get crazy ...
about you ...
since your name calls me ...
to follow you ...
and to start draw your eyes ...
into my brain ...
o .. oh ...
wish you know ...
how do i feel ...
how do i live ...
without you ...
but ,,,
Oh ...
you don't know ...

hazem al ...
Erian Sep 12
I know you don't like me
You don't like guys like me
But I like you
more than you'd ever know
I guess friends are all we'll ever be.
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