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M May 2023
You know it all,
but you just don't know.
I knew it too,
at least I thought so.
M Jan 2023
We repeat
what has already been repeated repeatedly
M Jul 2022
Faking it til I make it,
but there's a monkey on my back.
This normal way, I have to say,
is starting to show cracks.

Turn up to work and get boring **** done,
be nice to the ******* who think they are fun.

Clean up my jokes and censor my speech,
**** corporate blood like a well behaved leech.

I'm dying inside and I know this ****'s killing me.
I feel the old poisonous tentacles pulling me.

Just get ****** up,
and **** it all off,
live your worst life,
the one that you love.
M Jul 2021
The problem is I start things,
But never seem to finish.
As soon as I put pen to paper
words start to deminish.
Motivation nor determination
never seem to lend
me the gumption or the grit
to ever reach...
M Mar 2021
with regards to me,
who would've thought I'd've thunk it.

***, wine or beer,
if you gave me a drink I'd've drunk it.

a biscuit with tea,
and I'll contemplate life while I dunk it.
M Feb 2021
What the **** world do I live in today,
where telling the truth is just not the way,
It's impolite and offensive to say what you mean,
Honest opinions are now rarely seen.

If I lose my cool and get all un-PC.
You want to send the police after me?
Playing the victim in front of the nation,
"You called me fat! I want compensation!"

Freedom of speech, a novel idea.
You can say what you want, except anything here,
and here... and here... and over there too.
In fact, just remain silent, it's safer for you.

People like me are not long for this world.
I'll end up in prison for some insult hurled.
And probably everyone else like me too.
Then you'll have your paradise... a world full of yous.
Curing hatred is the job of society, not the law.
M Feb 2021
A sloppy copy is a waste of a paste.
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