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Swasti Jain Oct 2019
What do i seek?
What more do I ask for?
What is it that's left?
To feel, to say, to listen and to bear.

To give is to take,
To trust is to wait,
To attach is to not depend
And to love is to not demand.
The only equations I understand.

But why is it
That I deviate
And I'm unable to take a stand?

But why is it
That my weakness
Makes you my need beforehand?

But why is it
That I want the mountains
And give in to the islands?

But why is it
That I always need time
And it slips away like sand?

But why is it
That I want to build a house
And still need my empty land?

But why is it
That I want to rewrite stories
And not give a second chance?
Poetress2 Apr 2019
"Come to me," he said one night,
and I will make your world alright;
"I will fill your heart with love,
my precious, little, snow white Dove."
I will calm your weary soul,
never will you feel alone;
Protect you from all types of harm,
wrap you in my arms of warmth.
Cuddle you when you're afraid,
give you what you've always craved;
Dry the many tears you've cried,
give you comfort, give you pride.
I will do all this for you,
because my dear, I love you true;
And if you should e'er need a friend,
on me you can always depend.
Brynn S Nov 2018
Sun bursts into the sky
Leaping colors form under thigh
Bleed into the brush and let moments slip
Concrete your mind yet your thoughts still drip
Propose a masterpiece one of bright blues
For you my eyes speak of faded glues
Stuck in rewind I give you my hand
Lead me by collar to the promised land
Stationary in place frozen you gleam
Staring through reflection my pulse should beam
Strawberries and sunny nights I do watch
Nothing more to our likeness; a room for the klatch
Arcassin B Mar 2018
By Arcassin Burnham

Look here,
I'm not trying to gain your trust,
I'm not trying to be your friend,
I'm not trying be someone that you could
Lean on and depend,
I'm not looking for this crowd,
I'm not looking for a gf,
I'm not searching for my soul, yet,
And it's not even p.m,
I'm not trying to be your son,
I'm not trying to be your comfort,
I'm not trying to be the one,
I'm like lightning,  your like thunder,
And I clearly hate the rain,
And I clearly hate your face,
I don't care who you know,
They could even be in outer space,
I don't care about your jewelery,
I don't care about your clothes,
I don't care about your goals,
That you reached when I was alone,
I could care less if you hate me boy I'll fight you and your buddy,
All the people that has ever doubted me has gotten lucky.
E McNamara Mar 2018
So much depends

A river always

Drop by drop

Drink by drink
Three then one.
BladeRunner Aug 2017
would I be depressed
if you were always by my side?
I know you are
there for me
but I need you to squeeze my arm
so I know that you are real
that I am
that everything is okay
but I know I can't really
depend my sanity
on another fragile being
together we are stronger
but what if we are
There is one I hold to,
One whose love is strong;
Strong enough to hold me
When he’s been deeply wronged.

For when I find I’m empty,
He fills me up with love,
And strength enough to carry on—
Much more than just enough.

He keeps me from despairing
For he’s never too busy for me;
His every waking hour,
He’s attentive as can be.

I know no other as righteous:
He’ll never do me wrong.
I wish I was more like him, but
The process will be long.

When no one makes me special,
When I’m selfish and want my way,
He’s patient, quiet, humbling:
He takes my breath away.

He’s not just something to hang on to
Because ‘nothing could heal this pain’:
He is the only solution,
The sun above the rain.

My faith isn’t blind, here—
It’s more than justified;
My Savior keeps me going.
To Him I owe my life.
Kiah Griffin Apr 2015
the awkward part is

sleeping without your breathing leaves me lost in the dark.

close to weeping with slient heaving i shut my eyes hard.

the opposite of feeling, barely seeing i'm dependant on you.

no longer solitary, you're one with them and maybe,

thats the awkward part.

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