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Grey Dec 2019
I ordered a heart
but it came two sizes too small.
I ordered a soul
but it shrunk in the wash.
I ordered a body
but it didn't fit right.
I ordered a life
but it wasn't trendy anymore.
I ordered some love
but I guess it hasn't arrived yet.
Messing up scares me
so much, I’ve become paranoid
Which messes me up
Xaela San Oct 2018
Like a foggy road

I can't see what's ahead

Only a sense of dread

In this quiet madness

Still keeps me walking

Without any sense of direction

Wondering if I can escape

This chaotic mind of mine.
Thinking of You Aug 2017
You’re going to mess up a lot.
Each time you’re going to think it’s the end of the world.

It’s not.

Don’t believe everything you think & know you and your future are entirely up to you.
To My 7th Grade Self and me everyday.
Jayantee Khare Jun 2017
The life messed up such that everything turned into poetry...
Alta Justice Oct 2016
I watched a movie once,
where this girl keeps ruining her life
as she and her brother walk on a beach he asks her whats going on
and she turns to him and says "Maybe I'm the faller. The one who doesnt get the boy, the one who never gets an A. The one who trips and stumbles and pulls everybody down with her. every family has one. ours must be me."
i hear her say this, and i hear the pain in her voice as she says it,
and i realize that i am the faller.
i ***** up
i cause pain to my family
how can someone who never does anything right even come close to
standing up straight?
SøułSurvivør Feb 2015
thin        gs  


that                         is always

the best ti        me


M e          Ss

up!!   !!!!!!!!!!!! !!
Does anyone else get me?
I look back on those things that we said;
When I told you, it was the truth:
I was willing to let you mess up a million times
I just wanted to be here to forgive you.
I wanted to make things work between us, and I probably would have dragged it out until we fought every day and were miserable.... I still doubt in my mind if we were right to just give up. Could we have fixed our big mistakes? =/ I was willing to. I'm sorry.
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