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Sauvik Dey Jun 2019
The golden light caresses the horizon,
Almost like a rainbow flushed out one final go-
Before the world is devoid of light for the next two ‘prahars’ of the day.
The time when we bearing the weights of extended tutoring or -
The day job, come out, to public squares
Take roads illuminated by street lights to a destination where -
There is either a plate of food waiting on or aperitifs to begin a night a revelry.
Both fulfilling.
But, gluttony kicks in, which is almost second nature,
To gorge on (circa Harari, Yuval Noah).
In inebriation, inhibitions take a hike; the decisions to call/text people are usually very wrong.
We need to accept that the things we do then,
It’s what we wanted to do all along but societal/personal pressure - Inhibitors do not let us, which blow off when alcohol blurs them.
Prose to poetry
Anya Jun 2019
If I hacked my braids off
would my inhibitions go with it?
Aa Harvey Apr 2018

Under moonlight you can lose yourself;
Set your inhibitions free and cast away your self-doubt.
The fear may guide you if your life is Hell,
But only you are able to lead yourself out.

If you need somebodies help to save your own life,
Then beg them to aid yourself and let them soothe your strife.
If your future has always remained hidden from your eyes,
Then build yourself a new destiny and make a change.
If everything you used to love, you have now grown to despise,
Then search for a better way to cure your pain.

Hope has always been there, all you need to do is believe;
Nobody can steal your future from you,
If you can keep your eyes open and somehow see.
The happiness you are waiting for is beyond this door;
When you pass through it, close it behind you
And your misery will be with you no more.

Know the score and dream of being loved;
Wishes are created to build a better world for each of us.
Throw down your gauntlet and challenge anything bad, for you are good;
The superhero will never lose,
So face your demons and lift your head up.

Nightmares are just dreams that haven’t morphed into day dreams yet;
Live your life like it is all that you have got and have no regrets.
You will never be able to do enough, so just do your best;
Positive will always end the negative, so always take a forward step.

(C)2016 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Maria Etre May 2017
The night air
prompted me
to act upon
my true inhibitions
putting them to sleep
and oh the wonders
that the wishing
Äŧül Dec 2016
Come, let me help you glide buddy,
Glide with your the golden wings,
Do not hesitate to jump off the cliff,
Down into the unknown depths,
Along with these blowing breezes,
Now unhook all the inhibitions,
Just jump off and glide in the sky.
HP Poem #1333
©Atul Kaushal
Lizley Nov 2016

Places where we stay
Invisible walls apart
–never getting through
© Lizley (Maria Flordeliz Yamog)
Where touches never touch.
SassyJ Apr 2016
A cider and a minder
Passing time as a reminder
Pink glow and songs flow
A waxy time erodes the mow

Renegades and perspiration responds
Swimming in winded seas of  Jordan
Heated in space, evicted in their pace
Libido fails as the liquor dilutes in taste

Catch an esse as the moonlight smite
Hold another to fake a romantic right
Filter to the cards of ace as the one winks
Emotive intruders farm in fields of pastures

Imbued with alcoholic waterfalls
Molehills of termites condense lose soil
A lack of connection a taunt that apes
Future anthems triumph in hungered strums

Amused by the music erupting volcanoes
A morrow blows as the candle slows
To tow the tall grassed disused straw
A spring to summer that promises sun rays

A resolve to moderation to preserve modesty
A kiss stored forever peeping the awing stars
To guard a heart and hatch uniformity
Trembles justly forgotten in termed premises
Friday night people watching in a Jazz / Blues club.
Lizley Feb 2016
There are birds in the ocean
Little white waves on a wide blue cape
They kind of swim, kind of fly and  kind of dance
Little bright hopes trying to escape

Though I try to,
I can only catch them with my eyes
Though I want to,
I can only reach up to where the horizon lies

See there are birds in the ocean
Even though we know they're meant for the skies
© Lizley (Maria Flordeliz Yamog)
Sometimes we want to make decisions but these decisions are stuck inside inhibitions where they can't seem to find an escape.
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