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Carina Apr 23
while he was splashing
her with the river water
engulfing them both,
she felt content.
she didn’t know what
it was like to feel
truly happy,
even if it was only
just in that short moment-
as if the water conducted
his happiness directly
onto her,
seeping through her
caressed skin.

when he saw that
look in her eyes,
how they were truly
finally glistening-
he knew.
he wrapped her up with
not only his arms,
but the exaggerated smile
which lingered for what felt
like hours
that’s when she knew
she was going to
finally learn what
happiness is.
-so this is what peace feels like?
Carina Apr 18
i still repeat your name
before i go to sleep
at night.
because maybe if i say
it enough,
the ghost of the old you
will haunt me
-because the new you is dead to me.
Carina Apr 17
dear society:
why do you proclaim
ignorance is an easy
passage to popularity
jealousy is how to earn respect
tearing eachother down is
how to succeed
and caring takes you
on a route to failure
how does this establish
humanity when it is almost
Carina Apr 17
i can’t tell you
how many times
somebody has seen
my scars
and told me
that i’m not really
-just because of my age
Carina Apr 17
your eyes touched me
before they even knew
what they wanted

they carved your desires into me
Carina Apr 17
he asks me what i do
i tell him i work part-time and
he stops me-
not what you do for others, but for you
what keeps you up at night
what drives you crazy

i tell him,
i write

-he wanted to know who i was.
Carina Apr 17
you were deceiving

and when i got too close

i didn’t know better until

the rash that followed.

-i was wrong about you.

— The End —