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Lilywhite Feb 22
A war no one wins;
Frustration is a fever,
swelling from within
Lilywhite Jul 2020
I will continue to come from a place where my intentions are set to understand and seek clarity; never to condemn nor reject a certain perspective, but to be open and receptive; especially, to change.

“I’d rather be optimistic and wrong than pessimistic and right” —Elon Musk
Lilywhite Jul 2020
Narrowing the gap
when the space between feels grand
Need not waiver, now
Lilywhite Feb 2020
When I push, you pull
The distance between us grows
Please don’t let me go
Lilywhite Feb 2020
Say something for once
Please don’t leave me here to guess
If I mean that much
Lilywhite Jan 2020
toss away the memory of me in a disheveled mess of cleanliness—

like a lost treasure, bury me in your bedside drawer.

No one will know that I once stood here
Lets be clear...

I was never at home with you.

So when you feel frantic and lost and you’re searching for the things that help you disassociate, instead of finding that thing or two, you’ll find me, staring back at you.
Lilywhite Jun 2019
When did I become one with the machine?
My body’s lost its meaning.
When did my pieces become parts?
It’s such a grimy feeling.
Not a single original thought—
Just an animation,
turned on by the input of systematic oppression
My output; just regurgitation
Anxiety and crippling depression
Time constrained by the weight of the world
Do you feel the pressure?
And you already know this
Foraging for focus
Keep your thoughts in sync
Close your eyes and listen,
but don’t forget to breathe
Your mind’s eye is preoccupied with patterns on repeat
They call it groupthink
Whoop, whoop
Thought police
Loop, spiral, fractal
Segregated sentiment seeking your sentience
Coagulate and listen
Maybe its madness or
maybe it’s ******* progress
Reel it in, just breathe, don’t regress
Ya gotta feel the feeling
Let it be,
Because you’re what’s real
So feel your heart,
Now ease your mind
You have to remember to forget
it’s just the grind
and you gotta play along sometimes
Are you a cog in the wheel?
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