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Karly Codr Nov 2020
i want to be noticed
but not the way everyone else does
i don't want to be famous
or liked by everyone
i want to be noticed
i want to love someone
who loves me back
i want to be able to
not to have to hide myself
to make people think i'm okay
tomorrow May 2020
my mom always said
pretty girls don’t pick their face
so then I look at me
and I feel like a disgrace
because my hands won’t stay in place
and pretty girls don’t pick their face
I blame myself for every bump that shows
and I hate that everyone knows
don’t pick they say
but these things aren’t on their face
I’m so ashamed
I just want to hide away
because pretty girls don’t pick their face
someday they’ll disappear
and you’ll feel prettier
“it’s sad you don’t feel confident
in your own skin”
they say it’s a phase
but all the negatives out weigh
because pretty girls don’t pick their face
Quinn Adaire Nov 2019
Decay, degenerate
Rot in hell from all this hate
Lessen, languish, lower, regress
Back to when I was a mess
Sink, slide, undermine
I don’t think I was ever fine
Fade, fail, fall apart
I wasn’t “okay” from the start.
When you’re so messed up you make online thesaurus results dark.
Arden Oct 2019
Im not doing ok
I havent washed my hair
since last Sunday

I've worn these clothes
For the past 3 days

Just about killed myself
Saturday night

But like nothing is really wrong
Im just ******* depressed
And I don’t know how to get out of it

I almost asked someone how
I know if I need more help
Instead I typed a paragraph about
Why they matter and
Need to put themselves first
jay Feb 2019
Im Drowning
In My Tears
Do You Expect Me To Be Ok?
savs Aug 2017
remember that the following things are okay,
when you are not:

It is ok to spend the day
on your own

And it is okay
to cry your eyes out,
even if you don't understand
why all the tears come
from such little things

It is perfectly fine to
clear your mind and
forget the rest of the world

Because, sometimes,
the rest of the world
forgets you too

it's sad to think that
he is also a part
of that world
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Julia Mae Mar 2017
i thought that you may come by
to see if i'm all right
i disappeared without a trace
or were you too busy to notice?
this night is far too dark
and it's echoing loneliness too loudly
i thought that you may stop by
to see if i'm all right
but since you haven't asked,
here's my unheard reply,
no, i am not all right
Ronnie Trubiani Sep 2015
You tried to stop,
But it didn't work.
You tried to be happy,
But you only got hurt...

Another night,
Another curse,
Some time to cry,
It just makes things worse.

Another mark,
Another scar
Your skin cry's more,
You've had this feeling before.

You already know,
You are unwanted,
You are worthless,
And you are unloved..

The best feeling you have,
Is the blade that you hold.

In your bedroom,
You shut the door,
Only to break down again,
Crying all night,
No one knows what you do...

The next day,
You hope for the better,
It starts again,
Another story,
Another scar.....
......I'm not ok......
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