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catchmydrift Apr 2018
us, no saints
no slaves
to religion

but, the ants that carry caskets
scared me with their
marble crosses
and long necks wrapped in rosaries

so, i hit my knees
split them wide open
(little red seas)
the night you kicked the
(just keep knocking)
catchmydrift Apr 2018
on our tippy toes
and trippy kush
where in tarnation
are you, my dear?
it's lit as blue blazes
over here
don't let the power
burn you up
don't you think
down and out
should be enough
catchmydrift Apr 2018
There was an old lady
In the mirror
Until I
Found my
broken glass badass
living fast
staying young
catchmydrift Apr 2018
If you've got something to say
Write it on the wall
You've built around your ego
Don't type it like a teenager
Drunk on angst and testosterone
Eat your own dust
i wrote this
whilst you had second thoughts
i wrote this
catchmydrift Apr 2018
I'm a bad queen
In my shade shifting castle
Fushia fusion
Magenta giant
Skipping rocks
Breaking rules

— The End —