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Laokos May 9
two (or is it three...?) weeks in to the
overnight shift and never have i wanted
   to wash myself in
the golden rays of that nearest                     star
our sun more than i do now as the ineradicable
   cloak of night stretches
itself over these my newly waking hours.  this night
i feel massive but
diffuse, like the ghost of a
   glacier lingering amongst the scablands;  nebulous
and immense,
   like a short-circuited god-machine
cannibalizing itself in a forgotten
corner of the universe.    the sleep is broken, the
mind needs rest.  the mind needs
Nylee Oct 2019
It is the night time
Owl's eyes look right at mine
the eerie silence fills in
But I look away first, coyly look back,
Keep gazing eye to eye
I'm hoping to grow wise overnight
a vain
man's epithet
sought her
there that
was in
awe of
a shaker
and aspire
and multiply
from rudiments
of mistress
to shade
her posey
in a
crochet in
a second
sequel hoy
It takes many a year to become an overnight success!
Michaela May 2014
Let’s fall in love overnight.

Tell me everything that crosses your mind at 2 AM,
I’ll listen.
Sing to me the songs that make you want to cry,
I’ll sing along with you.
Tell me all your dreams,
and I’ll make them happen overnight.

Let me in,
let me feel your warmth
and let me hold you;
the way you hold a flightless bird
with an injured wing,
so gentle and fragile.

That’s what this is.
This feeling is fragile.

This overnight love can break so easily,
but for now let’s just secure it
in the palm of our hands
to the empty spaces in our hearts.

Let’s fill it with this overnight love.

— The End —