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Maxim Keyfman Aug 25
my head fell today
she fell and rotated
around where then where and how
it is not clear how it was rotating
and in what place

she fell and fell
fell and fell as if forever
my head blushed
and blushed and sadness tore
tore my heart and light

but the rebirth of rebirth
all this was I shouted
this degeneration is rebirth
is a new and new harmony
new thoughts and new feelings

My drum has perforations; now flawed
Mylar parchment once taut on bone
Leaks prose; but each metaphor pored
Percussive skull reverbs teeming tome

Waning instrument yet waxing lyrical
Tympanic threepenny opera still plays
Snare split - verbose facial spiracles
Whip quick flick of offal; tongue flays

Well weathered but - oh still sensual
Drum bongo crammed with lyrics learned
Skin leathered; worn – still beautiful
Spills tales – well told – well earned  

©pofacedpoetry (Billy Reynard-Bowness – 2018 – All rights reserved)
The head is the drum of our band! Our instrument, through which we see, speak, hear, smell and feel! We use our "head-drum" as a musician uses their drum....to tell tales...and, the older the drum, the more stretched the parchment...the better the story!
KM Hanslik Aug 24
We've been having such a good time out here lately
chasing chasing chasing this summer to the end
of its life,
and it's about time we took half a handful of
something decent to calm our nerves, breathe slow
in and out just like we practiced when
the stars hid their faces and we decided
the nights were getting short and we'd
better hide ours, too.

and I know our brains will always be
a little bit hardwired for self destruction,
but before you go digging around again
in old scraps searching for new ways to place blame, new ways to fit
our shoulders with damage & kill counts,
take this down off the shelf
take a deep breath and hand
me the blueprints.

Sometimes I trip over my tongue when I speak, sometimes I forget and just
mumble instead,
and sometimes I tear out stiches too early
sometimes I don't get what I want and I blame myself
hate myself for thinking that we all have to come to terms with our own
versions of crash-and-burn fairytales,
but isn't that the truth of it all? If this
brutal reality doesn't shake us and stir
the dust from our bones, nothing will;
no morning or afterlife can save us until
we stop sharpening our teeth and put down our steel blades
nothing is made forever, but forever
is made up of a lot of nothings,
the way we stir the pot on our bad (or good) days is only one of them;
the way we tell ourselves we aren't important is a lie
don't whisper this into my ears at dusk,
scream it into the sky
scream it into the palms of your hands until you can't breathe anymore,
it has never been better, it has never been worse  
work your desires into your
DNA coding
detonate what's left in your system
(start over again)

I'm finding new ways to stand still on this high balancing beam
new rituals and new ways to throw my hat off to you,
give credit where credit is due
I only hope that when it's said and done
and I'm on my way out
I'll know half of what I do right now,
feel it surging in my headrush & in the burn
of my fingers
I hope I'll know on my way out the door:

Nothing has ever been better and nothing has ever been worse.
dream Aug 24
Your depression is subsiding.
Keep going.
The end is near.
Your future awaits you.
Everything is within grasp.
You have escaped your sadness.
The closer it gets,
The easier things become.
You’re nearly there.
Keep searching.
Yung Luv Aug 23
I keep my head and my heart locked in two separate drawers
and now they don’t fight, but they don’t talk anymore
I still use them both, but I use my head more
because I think my heart broke
when my head hit the floor
Jack L Martin Aug 23
I say unto you with a sniveling snarl,

Will you go on and be friends with an owl?

Why, YES! I said boldly with a pompety grin

My new owl friend will be lucky and win!

He will hoot and toot a most beautiful song

He will win a singing contest and sing all day long

We will take all his winnings and spend it on mead

We'll sing, drink and be merry, indeed!

we'll capture a horse and dress it in tweed

then ride to the sunset on our horse named, "Sardine!"

Sardine might get hungry so we'll feed him some hemp

We'll lay down to rest on a bed that's unkempt

We'll wake in the morning to see Sardine's fate

Sardine has died from starvation this date

The sorrow we feel is so hard to beat

So opon his flesh we started to eat

w'ell pair it with taters all mashed in a pan

we'll eat up our dinner as fast as we can

but hold on a second, how silly are we!

We didn't eat dinner with wine or beans!

our minds started swirling and twirling; so dizzy!

my owl friend shrieked and started to tizzy

he gouged out my eyes and laughed at my pain

I fell to the ground and made peace with my name

for I never did say from whence I came

because stories like this are not easy to tame

Though I lay here in misery, my friend's not to blame

It's all im my head, this silly word game
Meghan Young Aug 23
As tears roll down my face
Not knowing what's wrong
Yet I know what's wrong.
Constant war inside my head
People may never know what my thoughts are
Constant thoughts about suicide.
Sometimes there are days where I get close to actually doing it.
Constantly trying to make others happy.
Yet I've never been able to make myself happy.
Constant battle of trying to survive these days.
Yet some days i want to end it all.
Constantly overthinking every little detail.
This is what is killing me slowly.
Constantly being angry or depressed.
There's no inbetween..
Constantly trying to find this happiness.
I don't think it's inside of me.
I think I'm  meant to die young.

I'm trying everything and anything to get better.
Yes people have it worse I get that.
I'm just sick of faking everything.
I'm simply sick of struggling since freshmen year of highschool.
It's 2018 now.
10 Years and it gets worse and worse each year.

Each memory that should be made and embedded in my head fades.
I barely remember anything anymore.
I'm so numb to everything.

Im Not human anymore I'm a cold tin robot.
Maxim Keyfman Aug 21
she forgot me she forgot
oh why did it happen
there was so much beauty around
so many moon charms and so many colors
and o so much beauty

well why why she had it all
why she forgot me too
why she threw out of my head
all that so life gave
and the fact that it actually stood

Maxim Keyfman Aug 20
remembering the past
remembering the past inspiration
pictures fall in the head
photos take off in the head
sparks around and lights pieces

remembering the past
o how much snow it was
o how much rain has passed
o how much sun went
and tears streamed down my face

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