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Seanathon Oct 29
How hard is it to soar?

When you've set yourself at the bottom of the ocean
Cross-legged on the crossing grains
To wait for different wings to sprout

How hard is it to soar?
To the tune of Stone by Jaymes
Ron Oct 27
I've been struggling lately
Fighting with myself
A war inside my own head
I'm in need of help.
Stella Oct 26

but why are the Voices getting louder
why is the world getting faster and faster
too fast
too loud
everything in my head´s spinning
the Lights get brighter and my heart´s beating even faster
i want it to stop
but it wont stop
i scream
i want it to stop
i beg it to stop
but it wont
and it never will
i try to calm down
and tell myself that

*start from top again
Faith Oct 25
an angel
carefully hand-crafted
Amanda Oct 23
Thoughts of you strike at all hours
Matching memories to mixed emotions
Handsome haunting face appears
Persistent flames burn me with devotion
Inspired inside by inviting eyes
Powerful enough to lock in a gaze
Makes me want to hide within your aura
In a place far from here, get lost in a gaze
Been living a fairytale
Loving through day, all through the night
Evident by how we remove each others clothes
Want you to be the only one who gets to hold me tight
If you are wrapped up next to me in sheets
I look forward to each play-filled day
I can honestly say I am happy with life
If it lasts only a short while that's still okay
Time spent with your hands on my hips
Worth any amount of pain to come
Feelings you rile  within my heart
I will treasure no matter the outcome
I will never forget how your hot breath felt
Tickling my pale exposed neck
Each murmur captured in my brain
Stored in an internal tape deck
Precious moments run around my head
Lips throbbing to touch once more
I will love you until the day I take my last breath
Til the second my still cold body hits the floor
I wrote this for my (ex) boyfriend's birthday not knowing we were going to break-up so soon. He turned 25 Oct 7th, and we may not be together but I still wanted to share because we are friends still. This one is just for you Taylor.
Arcassin B Oct 21
By Arcassin Burnham

Kissing the ring of death , now that ain't what you want to do,
Their painting the town red ,really just to make it dead,
Unlock the third one , right in the middle of your head,
Find your power , anything to get loose,
Anything to get loose, that makes,
Other geese jealous and fly away from the one spitting all the
And we don't bother, for all you hypocritical people still on
Soul comes alive like the crow in night when it stalks its prey,
Better hope you do,
Despite the circumstances , I still can't do,
I'm aware of this world , I'm aware of the truth,
I'm aware that they want to make slaves out of you,
I'm wishing that the most high comes through,
I'm wishing that the more that I reach for it, I could see
A better virtue.

Bullet Oct 17
the Gun
At You

Blank Range
With it too

A Score
Driving with
A 0 to a 60
Ball Limits
With the
Ball Point

Pen I just
Shot a Brain
I Might've Just
Shocked a Brain

Pending a Life
That I Just Took
I Handed You a Shook
Behind a Silver Lining

A Scuff on the Ink
Written In Red
What Do You Think
Have I Fallen of The Edge

Pulled the Trigger
But Have I Killed
My Opposer or
Another Bullet
Pointed at My Prospect  

Pulped Or Have I Put an End
Too All These Bullet Holes In The Head
Amanda Oct 16
I am feeling lower than ever before
In my head I hold leaden weights
Think I need professional help
Emotions ignored become hard to navigate

Push down pain a little longer
Numb wounds for awhile
Gulp lumps of uneasiness
Conceal misery with a phony smile

Heart broken and bleeding
Hidden from all who look
I have mastered the art of composure
Face an unreadable book

Quiet night is tense and dim
Begging me to sneak off and play
Think I might cave in this one time
I'm scared I won't be able to get away

Under covers I hide in bed
Hoping I will not be found
By weakness and uncertainty
I lay motionless without sound

Trying to sort my issues
Organization isn't really my thing
Prefer to shove difficult subjects in a box
Lock out of sight so I can avoid the sting

Discovered something dull inside me
I found a tool sharper for out
Condemned the skin once considered home
It is easier to not think about

I'm told intensity only worsens with time
A smile hideously glued
Energetic as dying muscles will allow
Wild heart now meek and subdued

Memories will not depart
Echoes of voices loved then lost
Brighter still, rotating faces
Seasons changing sunlight to frost

My head has become a dark dungeon
Trapped there with my dirtiest sins
Watching mistakes as they rattle rusted bars
Capturing worst thoughts caged within
Sometimes my head is a quiet empty house painted white and others it is a crowded prison, dimly lit, dingy, filthy and loud.
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