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KM Hanslik Sep 7
We only smoke when breathing feels too slow
The harder you build me up the worse the letdown goes,
& I've been back and forth between my anxiety and the truth
only swallowing the pieces that'll go down smooth
It's a slippery *****, trying to hold onto hope
maybe someday you'll find some self worth in the dark
stop lighting fires with everything that holds a spark;
I've been living too long at half mast
letting my hazards flash at half past
3 when the **** wears off and nightmares have passed
and sleep can cut you a break but even that doesn't last,
living good but we've been living fast
too fast to see liberty, too fast to find sympathy
I've been living with this raw regret
that I won't see tomorrow, yet
I've still got dreams they've just lost their gleam
sugar coat the way my heart tears at its seams
and getting lost is just another means
to find the right path
stake your claim wherever you think it might last;
empires were built and destroyed
long before atomic bombs were deployed,
long before the middle class became unemployed
so don't be acting like you've seen it all before
like you've knocked on every door
even though you've hit the floor, there's a lot more than pain in store
work through your thoughts before picking at others' locks
some things aren't what they seem and aren't meant to be seen
but I believe the truth will come
over you before all's said and done,
keep your head where you can find it
don't get your ego locked behind it.
Rips me apart knowing Helen's no longer here with me Oh god how I miss her   and It doesn't get better with the passing of
Some People will say that It dose maybe for them but not for me every time I close my eyes I'm constantly thinking of her all the
I see Helen there but can't reach out and touch her or hold her no more  but I feel her spirit around me like she's still here with
I still live In our house but can no longer to do anything for her like I used to that's hard for me to face that of
reality a cruel and unkind world
that we now live In and to now have to live It alone makes so. much harder
You have the pain of
Inside you It not just an Imaginative pain It Its real hurts so painful all the
time you cannot break
Bailey Aug 29
It crawls through my head
It sneaks into my dreams
It whispers lies to my heart
It's the demon I wish dead
It is
Mark Wanless Aug 26
one second is a time
to create a universe
inside our heads
Anastasia Aug 19
Is dark
My breath
Is shallow
I should sleep
But I'm not ready
Ready to face my dreams
The truth in my nightmares
To be honest,
I'm scared
Scared of my own mind
Of what's inside my head
Growly Wolfus Aug 18
No one loves you, so why do you smile
when you know you're hated and despised?
If you're truly happy with who you are,
why do you always seem to have to lie?
This feels great!  We grin at your pain.
It's good to finally have a challenge.
You complain, but I know you like it too.
We haven't caused too much damage.

Why do you cry?  You stupid human being.
If you show your torment, what do you think they'll say?
They'll call you weak for what you are doing,
so we keep you from speaking every day.
You don't deserve help from others.
Go and try to be happy with your friends.
Soon, they will see your true colors.
Then that will be where this ends.

Haha!  Hehe!  We're sorry.  We can't help it.
Except we're not sorry at all.
You're weak and don't belong here.
The higher you climb, the farther you'll fall.
You're tired again--aren't you?--from being around them.
How will you survive on your own?
You like to be here but you're exhausted again.
It's better to just be alone.

You admit we're there, but you'd much rather ignore us.
It's difficult with all of us here.
You try to listen but sometimes, we're too many.
Your hope for rescue is turning to fear.
You can't decide.  What can you do?
Lying awake in your bed.
You can't silence us.  We're louder than whispers.
We're the rambling in your head.

You laugh awkwardly.  You know we are here.
You cannot hide for long.
You try to ignore us but we are still there.
We will never be gone.
It's about time you tell someone the truth,
but we trust that you won't just yet.
We are with you for a reason.
You don't know why I bet.

We'll be back soon.  We'll be quiet for now.
We know we can depend on you.
It won't be long, don't worry.
Rambling is what we do.
Does anyone else hear voices in their head?  I used to believe it was totally normal.  I mean, everyone has a conscience, I just thought mine was trying to **** me.
Piece of broken mirror.
Cut my heart apart.
I was look at you from other side. That's why, I saw just distortion. Shadows of dusk and dark.
Gray illusions of my mind.
Games I only playing with my head.
Anastasia Aug 9
My head
Is pounding
It hurts
I shouldn't have
Hit it
  Ove r
  O v E r
   O   V  E r
O V e R
Against a concrete wall
Stine Aug 9
Some times the sounds in my head is so loud, I just wanna scream to block it all out.
But no matter how much I scream and shout, it seems I can never really block them out.
The higher I scream the louder it sound, until my voice no longer can make a sound.
Now outside it's silent, but inside so loud, what can I do to block it out?
The screaming don't help neither does crying, I try laughter I try anger, nothing is helping.
In the end I sit in seemingly silence, but really the voices are so loud. I can no longer deny them, they are all that fills my head.
bk Aug 8
My heart is moving faster than my head,
It's craziness, but it is so beautiful.
My heart has planned out everything I want to do in my life,
while my head is still trying to figure out how.
But honestly, who cares about the "how"?
As long I know what I want to do in my life
I have 99% of my future planned.

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