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Apporva Arya Dec 2018
You feel like a Dream,
Whom i daydream,
Every night with Moonbeam..

Clear i tell,
Bound by your Spell,
Yes i fell,
For your deep eyes citadel..

I know you know,
Why don't you show,
At least say NO,
Before my hopes grow..

But you just a dream,
Which will end by outdream..
I like a boy who feel like a dream. I know he know about my feelings,but e doesn't show it. Enough with this torture, Just say NO and let me get over it now.
S O P H I E Dec 2018
"i feel helpless"
i know that feeling all to well
"i can't relive you from your torment"
baby it must be a dry spell
"i already lost you once"
it was gonna happen once again and you could tell
"if i lost you i'd just float away"
this is just how fate fell
"i couldn't live without you"
you know that's a hard sell
"not again"
i can't help it baby i'm not your citadel
"i guess this is gonna be the end of it"
you and me together we'd be raising ****
"it's my fukt"
i can read through your misspell
"i got too attached"
guess it's time i say farewell
"i need some time to think"
i'll love you forevermore but i could never tell
ben.. i'm sorry, i'll lobe you forevermore
Meenu Syriac Jun 2014
Beneath the panning sky of brightest blue
As the city awakes to a sun or two.
Morning breeze, a wind aloft,
Dreamers leave their slumber to rise above.

This town saw, yesterday, its longest night,
History made in a little child's plight.
Running from life, as cruel as can be,
A citadel towers over the common folk as a witness to his story.

Drawn from safety, from his, nest he wandered too far,
As he innocently walked into a wicked man's trap.
Cautious glances couldn't save his life,
In the night, all they heard was his desperate cries.

A predator out on the loose preying on the lamb.
Silent whispers with the wind blows with might.
Now, as the morning sun awakens this town's life,
The citadel at the centre begs to be heard on the events of the previous night.

— The End —