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I tried to protect you by not remembering when the rabbis were teachers
and preachers we're on the beaches
Wishes were had in between sheets
Catfish spoken riddles but truthfully
Beautiful ripples in *******

So I was going to invite you over for txgiving but all pathology from the dsm-5 was represented.  When I say over, I mean to KFC-
cousin Larry had to work but all the coleslaw and breadcrumbs you can swallow. How bout you did you get stuffed by the poultry-geist?
Mystic Ink Plus Feb 2018
1 day back,
“Can you write something ?”, she asked

About what?
[few seconds of silence]

“Me”, she replied in barely audible voice.
I was not expecting, and had nothing in my vocabulary.

“Okey, I will try.”, she heard.
“But promise me, you will not feel bad.”, I added.

“Why to be?”, she smiled.

Because based on genre, my words need to change the track.

Your choice,
Options as follows:

S­he was speechless.

I got my Space

She understood more than I said.
Theme: Space Management.
A velvet smooth muskrat
her peltry in woods abandon safe harbor
as though a fir tree can alight her gain

yet beneath her surface
that cast doubt in a loom
where her shape desire it
but a charlatan begun ahem

if Tom sheath his wrench
and tries to loosen her again
in Bensalem tonight.
How wonderful it is, to find another with the same taste as your own.
solEmn oaSis Jan 2016
inks out of its vessel* ,
links the author's influential spell !
consistency is my game
solEmn oaSis is my pen name
Nicholas Fogle Jun 2015

I got bars,
it's not about fancy cars or Lil Wayne rapping about Mars.
So far I am marred and scarred by false charm,
burned and charred that we are stuck in this dung tar.

It's about understanding we are stuck in the under standings so understand this,
can bring raze as I raise and rise to clear out these rinse and repeat Rhymes.

I don't care about the money or women.
Will your Rap make a difference.
Only a few got the conscious to talk about love.
The rest is a pile of **** I put to the side and shove.
Simple Rhyming
Ruthie Oct 2014
Drunken texts and phone calls at 3am
Forbidden fantasies of you and me
Stumbling through the city to find where you might be
It's all a trick isn't it,
An impossible dream.
Your apartment door shakes,
Oh it aches for me.
Taxi cabs being forced to drive.
You send me away,
No. Not tonight..
Lipstick kisses and tired hearts.
I always take it that little bit too far.
I shouldn't have gotten so drunk that my feet forgot what they were doing.
I walked to your apartment in the middle if the night and made a fool out of myself..
i Apr 2014
i need some kind
of tune, melody,
so i can take my mind
off my life,
and focus on
someone else's.
i need some kind
of words, sentences,
to ease the pain
that has been stabbing
my heart over and
over again.
i need some kind
of genre, rhyme,
to play in the
while i slowly,
and painfully
end my life.

— The End —