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I tried to protect you by not remembering when the rabbis were teachers
and preachers we're on the beaches
Wishes were had in between sheets
Catfish spoken riddles but truthfully
Beautiful ripples in *******

So I was going to invite you over for txgiving but all pathology from the dsm-5 was represented.  When I say over, I mean to KFC-
cousin Larry had to work but all the coleslaw and breadcrumbs you can swallow. How bout you did you get stuffed by the poultry-geist?
?Who is the stranger in the dark?
?Sharing your bed?
?Keeping the shadows at bay?
?Holding you behind their eyes?

?Do you hallucinate them?
?Did they hallucinate you?
?Does your body hurt?
?When they are not touching you?

?Does reflection of their eyes?
?Change your mood?
?Did you already say forever?
?Forever in your minds eye?

?Did you say it out loud?
?Did you scream it?
?At the top of your lungs?
?Did they leave anyway?

?Did you smell their clothing?
?Did you hallucinate again?
?Did they find a place in your brain?
?Who left whom in the dream?

?Was there a place where you went?
?Was there a moment in time?
?Did you consider yourself a victim of crime?
?Did you play the ancient roles?

?Was there a moment you knew?
?That it was a tragedy not comedy?
?Did the two  voices argue internally?
?Was one of you right was on of you wrong?

?Did you find God together?
?Was it that kind of dance?
?Did you lead. Did you follow?
?Did you follow the cultural norms?

?Was there a hero and dragon?
?Did you slay I together?
?Did you save the princess?
?Did she know she was saved?

?Was there good intention?
?Did you give of yourself?
?Did you ever stop trying?
?Did you give up?

?Was there cake?
?Will there be cake?
?Do you want cake?
One day you awaken.
Hit like a bolt of lightening or an earthquake.
The relief of you not being you.
A flash (like any other passing moment)-
it awakens.

Disassociated from your memories
you float with the bliss of knowing.
You can model everything.
You are aware in a moment of space and time,
chaos and order intermingle, and time seems to malaise.

Not in forks of circumstance
but depressed and flat.
Visibly slowed down.
You realize that they are one and the same,
that it was all a waking dream.

Only you can't figure out if you were born
or if you just woke up.
And in that case, who were you before?
You know that you were born
at such and such an address
in such and such a hospital but that was the dream,
horrible and beautiful, there is nowhere but everywhere.
Pixelated space,
Speed of the slow down-
Automatic space,
Hyppereal pace,
Pixelated room,
In an 8-bit mansion
Mario and Princess
Zelda and Princess
Platform Romance
Pitfall jumping
space to space
Electromagnetic Consciousness
Conscience and Love
Compassion for the pixels
Learning what we thought before;
ceasing to think it anymore.
Observing past Observors;
ashamed and change.
Never to be alone again.
Observing the observor with more complexity.
A humanoid radio.
Somewhere in the nexus of observation,
a tiny event, a mini, invisible lilliputian occurs.
A result- self emerges but never stays.
Interference  on one city frequency.
Happening as an impossible longshot.
Straight flush losing, to another, a higher.
A space between invention and deterioration.
We, ­highest expression of what we know.
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