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Nicholas Fogle Jan 2016
Child without a voiced
Love without a target
Misdirected guidance
Are all the same Requirements
Nicholas Fogle Dec 2015
I write.
I breeze.
I freeze the moment
Like that the moment gone
Look back see the moment move
Along the way,
the matter of matters is the pattern gets faster after I lose my self,
Distracted and passive ,
active for a crafted line to send chills down spines.
Like that the moment,
Nicholas Fogle Dec 2015
I write with the Fire of agony that burns in my chest.
Pain has no name.
Sharing title.
All experienced differently.
I don't recognize the sound of  pain in the nerves of my flesh
Nor have I made them.

There's just a raggedy tragedy of heart and soul left mentally scared by the disregard of the human art sitting on a canvas of madness with nothing but panic from a child frantic and abandoned.

I write with the fire of agony that burns in my chest
Nicholas Fogle Aug 2015
I'll take you, make you mine
You're already in my possession before we begin
Lies with truth and the truth become lies to one self,
whether they speak lie or speak truth I will always see absolute
You will have it all and I will have you

That is the agreement
whether you know it or not.

I don't have to trick you nor deceive
I give you what you want and that's how I achieve
I am the devil I presume
Bringing gifts and awards
With that I absorb you recognize me as lord

This is the deal
whether you like it or not

I don't even own my self
I own you and I am owned by you
So why are you confused
This is an abuse on abuse relationship where I am obtuse
To think I let my self manipulate you
Nicholas Fogle Aug 2015

It does not discriminate, nor does it hate rather as much as it assimilates


It's one of the universal constants,
like change,
it never changes, age, it never ages.

We all live, learn, love, and lose

We've all loss
We all Age

You see it in stride of everyday people
Young flowing towers left and right.
Old creepers like moving shells of night like as a
baby turtle looking for shelter
Nicholas Fogle Aug 2015
Uncertainty holds me perfectly
Inscribed in my mind erkingly
Described disturbingly
Nicholas Fogle Aug 2015
I play with fire
And I dance with Death
A twirl and a spin and a blade swings recklessly.

"Do you not care about others ", they ask consecutively.
"Do you think before you act", they ask disrespectfully.

My own reality an asylum
My mind makes liberal
My words can change you or me

"Your words are absent " , they'll disagree
"You make no sense", they'll only see

To much to handle like a crushing bridge
Bounds break like broken ribs
Without either things cease to exist
I walked upon a borderline path
I can't decipher , am I  a Psychopath
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