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Aggrieved By The Ecological Loss
Worried About The Nature They Say,
"Vultures Are Now Extinct,"

Amused I Said,
"No Friend, No.
They Are Still There,
The Difference Is Only This,
They Have Grown Arms
Instead Of Wings."
Today People Are Worse Than Vultures. Vultures Waited For The Dead, But The People Prey Upon Alive.
Brice Katherine Jul 2019
Here I lay
Naked and clean
The vultures have come for me
They are pecking at my feet
Tearing pale flesh from my toes
And exposing my bones
The vultures have come for me
And they won't leave me alone
Lucas Hilliard Apr 2019
The cacophony of screams and incantations is back.
The vultures screech ****** ****** a mere inch from my eardrum.
My mind is plagued with terrific drums and imaginary figures dancing across my consciousness.
I can barely discern what is in the waking world and what solely lies in my mind’s eye.
Duplicates infest the classrooms I sprint past in fear.
memoona kazmi Jan 2019
And when my guardians failed to protect me,
I left myself
On the mercy of these vultures,
I can feel them,
Tangling their beaks
In my warm flesh,
Piercing it,
Feasting on it,
I hear my blood spill
Drop after drop
Sanctifying every grain of Earth,
I can smell,
The sweet metallic smell,
Blending in the air
I hear *****
***** of their wings
Drenched in my blood,
I watch blood dripping from their beaks,
I can see the fibres of my blood
Stuck inside those nefarious nails,
As they tear my carcass
I watch my guardians
The silent spectators
Oh I Want them to make it stop,
To step forward,
Oh I do want them to...........
I  see them picking off petal by petal
Making sure their prey is fully exposed
ripping flowers from their roots.
Tell the vultures I will never dine with them
Nor will I participate in their destruction of beauty.
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