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A beautiful day is nothang but life, for a beautiful soul makes a beautiful morning. As the daylight appears it make obvious how beautiful and ravishing you're. The light in your eye is as bright as the sunlight  sunlight. Wishing you a stunning morning as you really are. Good morning honey. Thinking about you.
atop the east hills
an outer edge of sun rays
were seen early this morn
Nat Lipstadt Sep 2013
New Moon Melange

(for Harlan Rivers originally,
and now for Aparna,
who reminded me
how I used to write
in the golden era of
seven years of plenty, so long, so ago...)


The softest cotton,
Wears ever softer with every use.

Contemplative introspection,

Like digging a castle & moat in the sandy beach,
You dread and joy, the knowing,
Incoming tide will arrive destructive inevitable,
Yet fill the moat, protect the kingdom,
Till is undone and returned to the blocks of minuscule,
Grains of sand.

Answers found, maybe lost, once more,
Necessitating questioning, non-stop processing,
And a rebuilding tomorrow... Pas de choix

But softer each time, easier with practice.

Even if convoluted, it is still a revolution.
Like twelve new moons, recycled.
(occasionally a lucky thirteenth appears)

Some of us are special chosen,
To essay, to assay, the condition human,
With a rock axe, tiny slivers chipped off,
And yet new moon stones uncovered,
needy of Cataloging,

You can change the day,
The month,
The moon twelve, thirteen times,
Hell, You can change your **** hat,
But don't fool nobody,

You are one of the special,
You job to paint the verbal paintings,
And to ascertain the meaning interior.

For in doing so, you do all of us service.
For your eyes see it ever so differently,
For you, task, paint and reveal each
New Moon’s Melange,
your unchosen gift.
to you
Responsa to "Mindfulness Mélange"
re-reminded by Aparna June 25, 2020
Sunshine Jan 2019
A gift from above
Made with love

Life to be had
Too bad it was sad

Hard to deal
Never feeling healed

A messed up head
Thinking alive or dead

Can't do it anymore
Hell what life has it store

Not Saying Goodbye
But It's time to fly

Now time for peace
Life treated like a lease

Wait why so many tears
They didn't know about my fears.

They shouldn't feel sad about my leaving
I'm at peace and they are grieving.
A brother of a friend of mine killed himself the pain I've seen this family go threw is heartbreaking and gives someone such as myself who has thought about & also tried doing it, a different way to look at it
K Balachandran Jan 2019
An albino crow,
On a fogless winter morn!
Nature spells wrong!
PoetiKitty Dec 2018
My gold and blue
my dance and breath
my heart content.

As dawn does cast its warming flames
my thoughts departs to kiss thy lips,
to land on you and feast your soul.

You are this love, you are this scent
the one I wear and makes me yours.
You are this life, the one we share.
We spelt the word our souls now live.

You are this morn,
my every morn
in us
i am.
Gale L Mccoy Nov 2018
I met a woman who set flame
everywhere she stepped
and mourned the ashes that

your name suits you
                                , I claim
no it doesn't
                               , phoenix replies
your name suits you
                               , she retorts
yes it does,
                               , I agree
blowing out her flames
slowly the night fog creeps through
our village's quiet sleeping streets
by morn its thick cover shall
be a shrouding mass
Alec Astaire Feb 2018
Is this normal-
How I feel
When I’m thinking of you and your pictures with him on Facebook?
Is it nomal-
How it fills me with rage when he gives you that little look
I don’t think his heart drops the same way when
He looks in your eyes-
Butterflies can’t compare the way I feel

I promise my darling
That it hurts
When he’s holding your hand and his smile carves your dimples
Yeah, it hurts
That you can’t love me the same
Why can’t it be that simple?
You own a piece of my soul so I
Could never be whole
We all have a pain,
Mine has a name because it’s you

And I can’t stand to be that man
You only call when you’re lonely that
He don’t have the time to spend on you-
Or almost anyone..
And I don’t think my heart could be more numb than when I’m with you babe
We all have a pain-
Mine’s got a name.

Ain’t it crazy
How I’m still
Hung over in love that we coul’ve had but missed it?
Yes, it’s true
I’m fighting a battle you’ve never known existed
You’ve got your problems you deal with
And I do too
We all have a pain-
Mine has a name because it’s you

I wonder if there’s still a chance
For future mutual romance
Maybe time could be the key-
Or pull the rug so then you’d fall for me
And I wish that my three words
Could charm your lips to return the phrase
“I love you the same”..
But that’s just not our fate

I know it’s true
It’s only you-
The one who’d tear my heart in two
Once piece that longs to be happy
And one that morns eternally
Altogether I know I’m better off forgetting my worst mistake
My number one pain
Has got a name

My pain has a name
And it’s insane
That it’s you
If only I had the strength left in me to finish making this into a song
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