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Amanda Jul 9
I truthfully want to be close to you
A real friend who you talk to each day
Somehow fights erupt over nothing
Arguing gets in the way

You just want me to be healthy
And normal like you think you are
But I can see you're clearly not
Weakness visible from afar

Another year quickly passes by
Hung up on past mistakes
Old offenses should be forgiven
You don't have the strength it takes

I just want a clean slate in your eyes
A second chance to impress
But you can't peel off your predetermined labels
Convinced I'm incapable of progress

It is difficult to face the truth
Your pride I will never earn
So I may as well give up trying
To my bad habits reluctantly return

I accept you just as you are
Favorite pain-in-the-***
Thought we hated each other as kids
Was wrong to conclude so fast

Nothing can replace family
Though at times you drive me mad
We've always had each other for support
That's a lot more than some others had

You think you know what is best for me
Preaching about my decisions
I wish you could see you don't have all the answers
Put an end to derision

Someone needs to show you
How to make a change in the way
You brutally express your thoughts
Or I'll keep walking away

You are not as perfect as you believe
There's no difference between you and I
How can you stand there intoxicated
Lecturing me not to get high?

I yearn to share intimate details
Hidden deep in my brain
Halted by your lack of empathy
You wouldn't understand my pain

You insist on criticizing me
Each time you come around
Maybe you should fix a few things in your own life
Before you choose to put mine down
Another one about my well-meaning ******* brother
Nikita Jun 24
Like the rage
Of a thousand winds
My mind spins
To and fro again

Similar to the wind
The mess inside my head
Remains invisible
Yet violent

Sometimes I wonder why
We have warnings
For tornadoes in the sky
But not a glance
Towards the hurricanes
That dwell inside

But when I picked up a pen
I began to wonder again

I thought of all the wreckage both leave behind
And realised the reason why

A tornado in the sky
Will leave wreckage for both you and I

A tornado in my mind
Will leave wreckage that only I will find

So while I pick up the mess of a thousand men
I will also pick up my pen.
Eva May 25
They'd give me many pills
and medicine of all sorts,
but none of them can fix
the heart that you broke.
Maja May 14
life has its tricks,
sometimes, it’ll hit you with bricks,
but even if I crack, I’m still me.
Just because I’m broken,
doesn’t mean there’s anything to fix.
I just need some help to find myself. Not to create someone else.
Zelyn May 9
Who broke you and made you desperate on finding someone that could fix your shattered heart again?
Who would you be if you didn't have anyone to love?
What did you lose to make you chase love so much?
Riley Grace May 3
You broke my heart
It’s hard to fix gold
But in the end, it’s still worth the same
Amanda Apr 22
I am missing a large portion of my heart
A lot inside that's been slashed apart
Forfeited innocence in order to get high
Need to understand it
Need to know why

Need a magnifying glass to see the clues
I'm free to find all the ways that before I did lose
Thoughts kept me on the brink of drowning every day
In the nightmare failing to take me away

I ate and overgorged on rich fantasies
Like colored candy ingested impossibilities
Needed more than temporary flavor
Needed a taste I could always savor

Feed my demons with an abundance of doubt
Awakened in body inside and out
Infestation of insecurity
Like plankton multiplying
Blooming in sea

Floor barely visible underneath clustered stuff
Ask myself why I don't care enough
Brain needs rewiring in the worst kind of way
Stopped feeling human
Instead a statue made of clay

To fix all that is broken is an unrealistic concept
Dance around things I'm not ready to accept
Cloak my open wounds
Hide pain that's only mine to know
Pretend underneath is as undamaged as the parts that show
Although some visible areas are not as unscathed as I like to think they are
Maggie Apr 16
Yes darling,
You’re right.
You can’t be fixed
Because you
Were never broken
In the first place
You’re not parts of a whole, you’re a whole, so how can you be broken?
Ruheen Mar 27
We're held
In our own homes
In our own minds
And then we run
Thinking we're free
But that's just
A dream.
A hostage
I lost it,
And I don't know
How to fix it.
I just want to
Go to
And never wake up.
I wrote a story, for my English class. Didn't think I'd like it. But then I read the last line. Still don't love it. I don't know why. But I'm getting there.
Same with this poem. Didn't like it until I wrote the last line.
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