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Asal Eskandari Oct 2019
Crying every night, thinking about you, seeing you in every passing faces

All the pome’s I’ve written is about you, about your shining smile, writing about your bright ocean blue eyes

Looking back at pictures of us and slowly fall a tear, remembering all the kisses you gave me, remembering our first kiss; your warm and soft lips touching mine, your fingers that travel on my skin a feeling that i never forget while we kiss, I want to treasure this moment forever and kiss you again like i remember

Naked skin on naked skin, warm and slowly kisses, my hand on your arm and the other one back of your head, you showed me real caring, safety, love.

Feelings are fuckt
Jack L Martin Aug 2018
Do you really like my poem?
Does it make you stop an think?
As you read down through the prose
does it reek and start to stink?

Did you click the "like" button
Because you thought it might
Boost ratings for your own verses
well, dam it!  that's not Right!

I joined this site
To make things right
with stuff inside my mindset

If your "like"
is true in heart
I thank you for your kindness!

Please move along
Don't get me wrong
I do not like pretenders

Or selfish acts
that serve the purpose
To promote your own agendas

Take some time now
to reflect
on all your true intentions

If what I write
is not your style
Then post your own inventions!

In closing
I would like to say
I thank you for your time

If cheating is
your true intention
You'll suffer for your crime!

— The End —