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This girls got lightning behind her eyes
Storm clouds rolling through her thoughts
Thunder bursting from her throat with every laugh and every cry
She's electrifying
The sort of rain people love to dance through
Too bad she's terrified of storms
-beauty to all but herself
Leia Spencer May 19
The thing about us English nerds
We know the sappy lines
The snappy remarks
The ones that sting just right
Or heal a cut deep in your heart
So watch out for us
Because you’ll never know
Which is which
Real or not real
Cutting or healing
Loving or hating
For it’s the actions that count
In a day and age where we communicate
Through words we see on a screen
It’s dangerous for people like you
Who listen to those who cannot be seen
Because girls who read books
Can right you anything you want.
And you won’t be able
To tell the difference.

Leia Spencer Apr 28
I’m burning the candle
But not at both ends
No, for in fact I have five
I’m like an old star
Ready to explode
Plain sick of being alive
Helping her and helping him
Ignoring myself for the sake of them
Some days I wonder
“Will I ever be true?”
When that day comes
Boy, will that feeling be new
It starts in my toes
Weary from walking
Igniting my fingers
Busy writing and talking
Then it gets to my head
As it makes its way down
Warming my heart
Burning my frown
I’m not saying that I want to die
But I’m spread so thin
I think “why shouldn’t I”
-A five-wicked candle
Leia Spencer Apr 28
Eyes are supposed to be the windows to the soul
Except for hers
She looks to the sky
Getting lost in the sun
You stare at her
Never wanting to look away
But she looks to the sun
Wishing to be lost in its warmth
Losing her sight
And losing you with it
But that doesn’t matter...
You stare anyways, wishing someday
She will see again
For those with unrequited love
  Apr 19 Leia Spencer
I love watching
your playlist stir
from songs about me,
to songs about her.
music speaks words
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