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Iz Mar 2023
I’ll go years without talking to my father but in one moment of lapsed judgment I’ll pick up and in those calls it’s as good as it’ll ever be between us, we’ll act as if nothing ever happened and we talked last week, we never stare that elephant in the room down we don’t even take a glance, but we both know just as well as the other once that line disconnects it’s back to a familiar silence that’s far more comforting than the possibility of fixing it all, because some bridges may stay burned but that doesn’t stop you from casting a line or two into the river and seeing what you pull up even if it’s
bad fish every time
Iz Feb 2023
I don’t think I’ll ever forget what it felt like
To be struck like a match
And burn out in your hands
But I’d be a strike anywhere for you anytime
Because your heat was unforgettable
And my heart was left nonflammable
Iz Oct 2022
In the ground we rot
Seeds turn into luscious plants
From the dirt comes life
Iz Oct 2022
What’s it like on the other side
Where the rivers meet the sky
What’s it like without me
Standing by your side
What’s it like to be so far
But feel so close some nights
I wish I could just feel your touch
One more time

But goodbye
We’ll meet in another
Iz Jun 2021
We spend hours planning our lives with our friends as children,
but we never plan the disasters
We never plan for the waves so high they wash away the hope
we plan for the best days, the big days and those in between
but why don’t we plan for the pain, the hurt and the disappointment,
It’s almost like I set myself up with these ideas of true accomplishment
I dreamed of a life filled with more than this
And now when I share the life story of me there is one term I hear over all else
How could somebody so young with so much hope be crushed so deeply?
How could they not?
What keeps us from the inevitable?
I think I wanted so much I wanted to go so far
Although I shot for the moon I did not land amongst stars
I landed in the vast emptiness of disappointment, the dread you feel once it’s all laid out in front of you
ever memory ever moment seems so much bigger than it did,
Maybe I never stopped to smell the roses
Or maybe I just didn’t realize how good they smelled at the time
But I can tell you when looking back at my life although sadder than expected it’s a road I’ve been assigned, and turmoil looks a lot more like growth the farther you walk the line
Iz Feb 2021
There’s strangers I’ve loved unconditionally,
In train stations and subways their eyes have met mine,
In checkout lines and park trails their words have left me comforted
In the ugliness of it all strangers have shown me beauty
For it’s not about the time you’ve known someone
But the relentless respect and adoration they’ve shown you
In this angry world I’ve found happiness I carry with me through all of my days
There’s smiles engrained so deeply in my heart I can’t help but feel their warmth
theres strangers in this world that I have
loved, and there are strangers who have loved me
Tell somebody something nice today <3
Iz Jul 2020
I gave everything I had to you and still you wanted more
I broke my ribs to make you trinkets
And my skin to keep you warm
I overworked my emotions just to keep you from feeling bored
Now here I am
And worn
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