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Iz 2d
Some days I feel as if I’ve melted into the earth
And become a fine goo
And others I feel as if I’ve been shot into the sky past the atmosphere and into the cosmos just to fall back down again into my gooey state of depression and self loathing
Iz 4d
There’s dirt and dried lavender squished so deeply into the carpet it can probably hear the ****** screaming from **** below
Similar to the roots so deeply imbedded in soil they forget there is the light of day above wanting so desperately to greet them
I understand the fear of having nothing left to hide
Secrecy becomes security and procrastination is a comfort
Maybe I should vacuum and sage out the lurking demons But I’ve found a peace in the chaos
I think I’m really scared to just hear the silence in this worn down home
Because that means it’ll be time to move on
And I don’t want to move or let go
Iz Mar 10
Smudged makeup became the usual
With puffy eyes and bruised fists
Knees so painful I can’t leave bed
A back that feels broken
Its like I’m flying through the forest at a 100 miles an hour and I keep hitting everything
I’m so wreckless and so scared
I never thought this is who I’d be
I wrote this while I was blacked out
Iz Mar 10
I like silk kimonos after long baths
Filled with beer and bongs that never go unpacked
I like cigarettes when my visions blurry
And midol for the headaches
I like to sleep later that I should and wake up in the middle of the day
I like long walks to nowhere and short walks to somewhere
Big fields and vast waters
I like feeling free
Iz Mar 8
This dagger encased in my mouth
Disguised as a tongue
I do not want it
I do not want to continue to slice through the skin of those I love dearly
but it comes unsheathed
And wrecklessly massacres the ones I hold close
I’m tired of seeing red
Iz Mar 3
I just want to stop feeling like I’m ******* choking all the time
I just want to breath
Iz Mar 2
How is it that everyday I find myself falling in love with you all over again
Like a sprinkle that turns to a pour you completely engulf me
And the tingles run up and down my arms and my chest touches the ceiling
I’m madly and completely in love with you like it’s the first time I realized it all over again and I swoon
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