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Thomas W Case Jan 2021
Often, when I'm on the
streets, decaying in *****-
degradation of the soul,
I go under the bridge and watch
the ducks.
Sometimes I talk to them.
They don't talk back.
Some days, it's the only
beauty I can see.
I think and dream of
a different world.
A land without
brutal lunacy.
I can handle madness.
It's the wicked,
smiling hatred that I
can do without.
The Iowa River beckons
me to come swim-
float blissfully to heaven.
But I know better.
Katie and Perry drowned not
far from where I sat.
It's usually at this time that
I'm fresh out of bread for
the ducks and I have milked the *****
bottle for all it's worth, that a
warm blanket of a thought comes to
me- I need help- go to the hospital.
I stumble my way there,
sometimes by ambulance.
I go through nightmarish withdrawals.
At around the third day, I get a
laptop from the patient library.
I catch up with neglected family
and friends, then I try to write.
The first four days, my mind is
like a smashed snail.
But usually, the magic comes back.
The muse kisses me gently, and I
put the shaking pen to the paper.
I can order whatever food I
want between 6 am and 8 pm.
I discovered years ago that they
have phenomenal cheesecake.
So when I'm able to eat, it's the
first thing I order.
My withdrawals are deadly.
Diastolic blood pressure
numbers like 103,109.113.
So they give me Ativan.
It helps tremendously- Ativan and cheesecake.
**** the muse's ****, then more
Ativan and cheesecake.
If I'm lucky, I'll turn out a
poem or two-like this one right now.
Amanda Hawk Nov 2020
Tiny cheesecake
You are such a delight
A tiny morsel
Three bites all mine
Once I find that pesky fork of mine
Favorite poem for my favorite food.. cheesecake
Mark Toney Oct 2019
Chipotle Chili Challenge champions cheerfully choose chocolate chai cheesecakes
10/5/2019 - Poetry form: Tautogram - An alliterative , visual, one line poem. In other words, a line of words starting with the same letter. - Please note: Even though the word "cheesecakes" spilled over to the second line, I'm using my poetic license to declare that is is still a one line poem.  What's that you say? You don't have a poetic license? You really ought to get one :) - Copyright © Mark Toney | Year Posted 2019
Eric Babsy Sep 2018
I run into a forest with fudge and green frosting trees.
In there I find squirrels made of cheesecake grey sesame.
The acorns are made of candy hard root beer.
Twigs made of cinnamon to my feet adhere.

The ground has bunches of lime gummy grass.
I saw a rabbit of white chocolate run past.
The foot prints were of cocoa divine.
This forest is filled with deserts that seem mighty fine.

I come to a river filled blue raspberry jelly.
That will surely adhere to my belly.
What am I to do with all these treats?
Is it time to run or do I have time to stop and eat?

I see birds made of cookies and cream.
Is this a terrifying nightmare or a beautiful dream?
The snow falls powdered sugar flutters.
Whoops, stepped in droppings made of peanut butter.

Maybe from a chocolatey brown bear.
Just as tame as that white chocolate hare.
I guess I am getting out of here.
All the sugary stuff that will adhere.

Hopefully I do not attract those.
They are red hot fire ants near a cream filled rose.
Though I finally leave.
What just happened I could not believe.
Lyn-Purcell Aug 2018
Ginger nuts, melted butter
crunchy, sweet base chills
Lemons squeezed, zest grated
sugar, cream cheese, whisk!
Pale gold cream on base
Drizzle curd
Thirteenth Epulaeryu!
Lemon cheesecake, baked or chilled, is HEEEEAAAAVVVVVEEEENNN!
I swear, I have a soft spot for all things lemon! ^-^
I love it!
Add come candied lemon zest on top, SOLD!
Lyn ***
Keerthi Kishor Feb 2018
The moment I saw you
I had my eyes set on you.
Just you.

You were a temptation that could easily make
my lonesome heart melt with ache.
The way you were just sitting there
out in the cold, slightly frozen
drove me crazy with a thousand emotion.

Spellbound, speechless
I leaned up against the clear glass door
wanting you and nothing more.
One look at you has put my,
heart and brain on a constant fight,
Hence I knew it was love at first sight.

As I stood there staring, with your image carved in my mind
and locked in my heart,
I couldn't help but imagine the countless admirers
you might have left behind.
Lost in thoughts I failed to notice
that you were somebody else's first choice.

Suddenly I felt a pull in the pit of my stomach,
it wasn't hunger but something much deeper.
What the heck? Was it my bad luck?
For I  had just lost you to that compulsive eater.

It was a pain I could never take
Oh! How I wish you were mine

'My Sweet Blueberry Cheesecake'.
"Dear Maya,
this is for you. It amazes me how wonderfully weird you are when it comes to Cheesecakes."
Thy Dang Apr 2016
o’ Cheesecake.
I can still remember
the day you were born.
But how sad it was,
since your life only lasted for a couple of minutes
I ate you right away.

Your delicious fragrance,
from your mom’s tummy, which was named
The Oven.
Your skin got tanner, and tanner
as your body grew;
luckily, you
were not overcooked.
I waited
for the moment you came out
and it was

Your stunning golden skin,
so tanned
and ****.
I turned out being a beast
and you were the beauty
who caught my eyes
without a second delayed.
And the perfume you wore that day
smelled beautiful, too,
as if I would bite you
with hunger.

Mmm’ creamy flesh
with cheesy flavour,
spread in my mouth
every bit of yours.

You gave me a dilemma, since
I wanted you to live
for me
to embrace your beauty;
I wanted you to die
in my mouth
with satisfaction.
Your splendid funeral
in my stomach
was as great as many others’.

Don’t be sad
for leaving me soon
don’t regret
dying young.
I love you
I’m sure
one day soon you
will reincarnate
as another
Cheesecake baby.
'stiltskin Nov 2014
Compliments to the baker
and so too my Barista
Smoothest crema on the tongue
juxtapose to lemon vapour.

Intense acute sensations
insist I close my eyes
Submit in rare humility
in awe of nature's true franchise.

Clarion note of citron zest
resounds on mellow creamy seas
Mediterranean sun distilled
now is witnessed here in me.

Tempered, rounded bitter hues
from Amazonian dark recess
waited aeons to infuse
and bring about this wanton bliss.
Amee Oct 2014
I look to the left, I look to the right
A smell pulls me to a cafe inside
Aware that I'm tired 'cause day's been long
There's nothing more for today to go wrong
I pull a chair to sit with pride

I look to the left, I look to the right
I want, I want, I want something sweet this night
People sitting, chit chatting amidst a loud song
Where else would I rather tonight belong
Waiter brings the menu, I start to read and recite

I look to the left, I look to the right
Brain wants the taste of appealing yellow bright
Yummy for my tummy, baked with crumbles
Run through the gourmet wondering where I'd stumble
Has to be creamy, textured, a heavy slice of delight

I look to the left, I look to the right
He sat by me, "Cheesecake!", he cried
It's shiny, it's delicious, it's lemon, it's moist
Cheesecake it is! There's no question of diet
Why did I not choose this first, right?

He looks to the left, I look to the right
Slides his friendly arm around, I stared back all surprised
Waiter "Here's Lemon cheesecake with crumbles white"
Put a seal of approval? Yes, we might!

We could stare at each other forever alright,
But we'd rather prefer cheesecake; to infinite
For bigger and bigger bite we fight,
As we realise this is our bestest night,
Indulged in smoothness, to heaven we confide

— The End —