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t's  time for  sunrise but my heart is still not alive  
I'm walking in the street like a lively ghost
New birth is coming but I'm waiting; waiting for death  
Nothing changes, I  can't see nothing but the end
It's a fact- I hate this meaningless life -
Death is not bad
You must accept this fact
April is never the cruelest month,
Every  month is curler than the other
It  only depends on what you experience !
Let's continue telling our story to you
January, I met  you  
February, you   admitted that you love me
Month after month, I loved you too
Then, you left me
I can't blame neither the months nor you!
Love is nothing but a Shakespearian tragedy!  
Not that of thoughts,
It's the other of two hearts !
One will say  goodbye ,
The other will die
#tragedy #love #feelings #poetry
It's a  maze  
I'm daze
The  agony of death
The smell  of blood, I can hear  it
Everywhere, loneliness snaps my inner peace
Sadness scribbles  slowly my sanity  
A felling  of strangeness  tickles  my heart's strings
Plays a sad song,
Creating  a beautiful melody:
"Depression  and Death "
"Sadness and Suicide "
At the end, you will  find yourself fighting  the world
A world where you are lost ,lonely  and sad  
At the end, you will  hate yourself  hitting  the monster himself
Happiness what a word !
Comparing to this depressing  world
Sadness  is the monster  killing  world  
Pushing me toward   the darkness.
That's the  end of such dead soul
#sadness #alone #lonely
I wanna stay alone
I wanna  be alone
I hate people, I hate crowd
Different and alone, I want to be
Alone doesn't mean lonely
Alone means safe and secure
Alone means fine
Alone is what I want
People are what I hate
Your existence bothers me
Doesn't matter for me
I can exist without you
You bather me
I want to live
I want to flourish
I want to try
To fly
To open my wings in the sky
Saïda Boūzazy Dec 2019
Mum, your are my home and my town
Without you, life is nothing
Mum, one day, I'll do it for you
Lady, you're are gorgeous
The world is meaningful without you
You're are my everyday and everything
A day or a poem doesn't give you your values
You're are my everyday's celebration
You're are the moon lighting my path
You're the stars shining throughout the world
Darkness, what's darkness !
It means nothing when I see you !
My queen, one day, every thing will be for you!
Home , what's a home without you !
Mum, let the world mum for you !
Let the world knows that I love you
#mum #love #mummy #home
Saïda Boūzazy Dec 2019
Illusion, life is

Dream, we must live

Dreamer, we must be

A world  full dreams, we must teach

A world of delusion,  we Must leave

The reason is to breath

happiness, we must reach

reality, must be put above not beneath

Hope, we must teach  

create a generation that can breath
#dream #hope  #life
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