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I see your shadow everywhere
I hear your voice repeated in my ears like an echo every day
I hear the move of your feet every Monday
I smell your perfume in every flower in the world
hallucination they say
The tears pour from her eyes
As if the rain pours from the sky
To quench her  dry hair (poetry)
To heal her heart
To fix her hair
To purify her from the emptiness that hunted her eye
Beautiful like a butterfly
Yet, like a larva she is
Her truth is hidden beside a butterfly
She is hiding her ugliness behind her beauty
They said gorgeous
But, she made from her ugliness a marvelous pictures that captured every one
Never judge her weakness
It can hid a different image of strongness
From nothing she made a marvel
She becomes  the incarnation of beauty
I dreamed to fly, to touch once the sky
I dreamed to be free; an angel  in the sky
They end my try  
They cut my wings and forbid me from fly
Making my  utopian world dry
Like a little fly
They don't give a chance to try
They killed me simply without looking for the sky
I like blue; it's the colour of the sky
I like blue; it's the colour of his eyes
I can see his love reflected in that sky
I can see how big it is like the sky
His love for me reflected in his eye
like  the water reflecting the sky
Blue, pure, and  mere like the mere ^^
You was  a beautiful dream
Now, You become  a  horrible nightmare
You was a colourful image drawn in my mind
Now, You are a colourless image inside my head.
Red, the colour of love, vanished in the air
Black, the colour of death,  shades our dreams black
Making, therefore, our Curse
our beautiful memories hunt me every night
It was a yellow bless
Now, it becomes a dark curse
Shattering my heart every night
Too tired  to hear your words
Too doubtful to believe them
Too faithful to ignore them
Too cautious to trust them
Too hopeless to hope in them
Too unconscious to recognize them
One Day I will leave you
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