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Clouds are everywhere
The weather is shining
She is drowning  
She can't swim
The sun is disappearing
It's hidden
In the middle of the summer
Rain is everywhere
#rain #poetry #sad #happy
I am lone
I think of you
Nothing but you
Our memories remain silent
Nothing can be heard
The Whisper of the heart
It whispers your name
I can hear its tone
it's sad and silent
An unbreakable silence
My pen becomes dry  
My heart is empty
my feelings are cold
clouds are everywhere  
Rain is in my heart  
lays down
My eyes are open, I can't see  
Pain is there, I can't feel
That is all
Saïda Boūzazy Jun 2021
I remember her smile
A sky reflected in the ocean
Blue, bright, and shine
I remember her smile
Far away
A scene cashed from the past
Short poems
Saïda Boūzazy May 2021
Red,  the colour of blood
Blood,  the symbol of love
Black, the colour of darkness
Darkness, the colour of the heart
The heart, the heart of  colonialism
White, the colour of purity
Purity,  the purity the land
Green, the symbol of fertility
Fertility, th fertility  of the land
Saïda Boūzazy May 2021
Tell those who come across my land
You will never own it
The fertility of the land   will never be touched by your ***** hands
Free and wild, black, white, green, and red  
All the full want to own YOU  
Yet, YOU only belong to Me
If they  tried to harass You
Their  hands will be cut
You should know
I am mad of her  love
She is Mine. Mine. Mine.
Saïda Boūzazy May 2021
I dreamed of justice
The promised land
I dreamed of freedom
The phantom lived
I dreamed of peace
My heart becomes a piece  

I dreamed Of justice
It will come back once a day
Free Pelastine✌
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