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Jack R Fehlmann Nov 2020
Ask it.

And mirror marked
Of grime, and dirt

Lines, white
Razor perfect

Eyes that haunt
My own

A simple device
Of a vice


I find myself
This familiarity
Strings to hands
Leading feet

Want, need
To not
And no longer
Be that one

This used to numb
Thoughts are
Are not

The intentions
Put to sound
Shaky tired voice

Help me

Breathe it in
While facing
His gaze is


Denial addiction struggles medicating disappointing failing sick weak disease excuses forgiving needs bad choices helpme
Strying Sep 2020
All my friends had given up
They'd taken the easy path
The one where straight A's are attainable
And sanity is sustainable

I moved my mouse in a different direction
From their perplexion, I knew
My complexion would never be the same

I knew that taking these courses
Would be no vacation
The certification was hard to achieve

Yet I got to the point where I wanted no more than to get down on my knees!
Plead guilty
For the crime
Of being in over my head.

I couldn't retain information
My mind was an augmentation
Of my imagination
A collection of mistakes,
And earthquakes.

No more could I stand on still ground,
my knees shaking from your sound.
My heart pounding from
the inevitable loss of my innocence
which came derived from your

My friends
the ones I held dear, my very own
Turned their face, shielded their eyes.
I was a damnation to everything they stood for!

For everything I tried to become
They became the opposite.
They fought their own, in the worst way possible
And I was left to battle my
impossible alone

Alone with the hours of homework,
And alone to face the very
housework we had built.
To see it crumble down before
my very eyes,
as I fumble to even close the windows to my soul,
as sleep is for the weak,
and I have too many bleak thoughts.
Far too many to ever be able to really dive deep
in this menacing society.

My school which shuts its doors at the very sight of me
And God who rains smog down
and it's not the year 2020, it's the whole future, past, and present.
It's our actions that will never be corrected
For we have had too many opportunities
And pennies for thoughts squandered into oblivion.
For maybe we should stop making
and start accepting our fates.
For one day we are all destined to be gone,
yet isn't it odd,
that ignoring this,
that is how we survive?
I really needed to rant in poetry today. Trying to work on my word choice, hope you enjoy this :)
Mrs Timetable Sep 2020
Fashioning a new crutch
For one’s old crutch

Might never heal
One’s achilles heel
Said the Psychiatrist Orthopedic Podiatrist Therapist
Amanda Hawk Jul 2020
The fusillade of promises
Poured from your mouth
And pooled at my feet
Cold against skin
The sentences broke apart
And they nibbled at my toes
Leaving lies knotted around my ankles
And I watched you
Shifting and squirming under my gaze
You hoped my emotions
Flooded my eyes
So I wouldn’t see the growing ripples around my feet
Vibrations of disappointment rumbled
Until they erupted into the last time
And I walked away
Leaving you with incomplete sentences
Khadija Seck May 2020
you’re not used to this is how you testify?
woe to thee who asked for ease to be denied!
since you’re better than others and cannot believe otherwise
i have no sympathy if that’s your reply
i don’t care if you’re levitating insufferably high
everyone deserves respect regardless of how stratified
kindness isn’t stupid, it’s beautifully dignified
if you can’t see that then you’re unqualified
to be of those I declare compassionately legitimized
if you were truly great you wouldn’t resort to abuses
you’d be who you are no matter how many uses
and while i believe in doing what one so reasonably chooses
my sympathies are immune to your pompous excuses
Empire May 2020
I don’t want to go to the lake

It’s too cold
I don’t have a swimsuit
I haven’t been eating well
I don’t like swimming
I don’t like being outside
I just don’t want to

These are all my excuses
But in reality...

I don’t want to have to tell you
There are dark, fresh scars on my thigh
On my wrist as well
I don’t want you to worry
I don’t want to have to explain
I haven’t had scars this time of year before... I didn’t expect it to get this bad... I thought I’d be able to hide them...
colette alexia May 2020
Were you lost, were you gone?
Were you somewhere else at the time?
Not around, leaving town?
If only the timing was right
Maybe then we would've been fine

You protecting a friend?
Is that why you wouldn't call me for months on end?
Too scared to make sense?
Always afraid to get hurt again
But if not now then when?

Were you busy being cool?
Baby who you trying to fool?
Didn't know who to choose?
Somebody making you lose your mind,
The way that you're making me lose mine?
colette alexia May 2020
Quit the "if only"s
Say that you want me
Baby we ain't got the time
No more excuses
Baby let's choose us
It could be the time of our lives
I'd rather regret you than regret my alibi
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