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Ashwin Kumar May 6
You are a very precious friend
Whom I would always defend
No matter what
Of course, you know that
Always, do you understand me
Even better than I understand myself!

You are a very precious friend
By nature, are you quite kind
Very helpful and trustworthy
Always, do you make people happy
Very sincere and hardworking
And last but not the least
Quite sweet and caring!!

You are a very precious friend
Of whom, am I very fond
You were even a fantastic colleague
So proud was I, to be part of your league
Going to office together
And returning together
Absolutely nothing can beat those days
Because we managed to keep stress at bay
Of course, there were a lot of issues
However, our friendship ultimately saved the day
You in particular, showed the way
With your fierce determination and indomitable spirit
From no one, did you take any ****!!

You are a very precious friend
With an extremely shrewd mind
Twice, have you saved me from a crisis
Always do you happen to know, what goes amiss
Your family is my family
And my family is your family
Our relationship is proof
That blood need not always be thicker than water
And for you, deeply do I care
May the Lord bless you
With loads of love, happiness, peace and prosperity!!
Dedicated to Tamil Elakiya, a very close family friend of mine
Ashwin Kumar Apr 27
I miss thee very much
Whenever I hit a rough patch
You were there, with your words of encouragement
Your demeanor was always pleasant
My sweetest colleague ever
None, did you hurt ever!

I miss thee very much
You were the torch
Which guided me through the darkness
Never were you crass
Such a delight were you, to be around
My cute friend!!

I miss thee very much
And I want to say, thanks a bunch
For coming into my life
And giving me an extra reason to live
I hope we soon meet again
May your present and future be filled with lots of gains
God bless you, my dear friend
Lots of love, happiness, success, peace and prosperity; may you find!!
Poem dedicated to Urvashi, a good friend and ex-colleague of mine.
Ashwin Kumar Feb 25
You are a good friend of mine
If I am ever stuck in a mire
You are someone whom I can count on
Never will you pull a con
A wonderful colleague you were
For me, were you always there!

You are a good friend of mine
Those days, do I dearly miss
When we used to meet almost everyday
Swap tales over a piping hot cup of cutting chai
Share our respective work issues
Including the routine salary delay excuse
And the antics of our clients
For which, were we forced to bear the brunt
Have lunch together at the cafeteria
The perfect panacea
For all our work troubles
Which often came in doubles and triples
And last but not the least
Walk to the station together after work
Well, our being colleagues certainly came with a lot of perks!!

You are a good friend of mine
By nature, are you very kind
And have supported me always
Thanks to you, do I possess some sort of patience
Whenever things don't go my way
Friends, will we forever stay
And though we don't meet often
We do speak over the phone frequently
And these calls are usually lengthy
But yes, we should indeed meet soon
For me, is your company always a boon
I repeat, you are a good friend of mine
And If I ever feel alone
I know that I just need to give you a ring
Because you are a fantastic human being!!
Poem dedicated to Rishi, a good friend and former colleague of mine.
Ashwin Kumar Feb 20
You are a gem of a friend
Whom it is very difficult to offend
I knew you as a colleague first
Your trustworthiness, is something to which I can completely attest
To work with, were you always fun
Because your mind was always open

You are a gem of a friend
Nothing gets past your clever mind
Not to mention, are you sweet as honey
Talking with you, is something I always enjoy
What I like about you the most
Is the fact, that when it cometh to speaking one's mind
You are undoubtedly one of the best
Because you always stand your ground
No matter what happens
Your courage is indeed immense

You are a gem of a friend
With whom it is not difficult to bond
Usually, no fan am I, of political discussions
However, for you can I make an exception
Imagine the fun we could have
Trashing the central government
I can already imagine your excitement
After all, you never shy away from a debate
A mere spark is enough
For your mind to ignite
Though your voice is the exact opposite of gruff!

You are a gem of a friend
To the world, are you a godsend
How do you manage your kids
Run the house
And work at the same time
Is something for which, an answer one cannot frame!!
Well, I do hope you take a pause
From time to time
Because you are indeed a hard worker
A great conversationalist and listener
And above all, a friend to remember!!
Yes, you are indeed a gem of a friend
With this, shall my poem end!!
Dedicated to Irene, my friend and former colleague.
Ashwin Kumar Jan 21
Dear Tamil,
Wish you a very very happy birthday in advance!
May you get a chance
To make this occasion extra special
Rarely, are you dull
About you, that's what I love the most
Not to mention, never do you boast!

Go back a long way, do we
And very special are you, to me
From colleagues to family friends
May our relationship have no end!

One of the best things, about my first job
Was the fact that you cared not
About my strange mannerisms
Never was my autism
An issue to you whatsoever
Because you judged people never!

A long way have we come, since then
Very supportive, have you always been
Saving me from a disastrous marriage
You truly released me from a cage
In which I had been trapped, for over a month
Thus, do I turn to you the most
When my confidence is at its lowest

We may be in different places
But our friendship has a strong base
Occasional misunderstandings and fights, there may be
But always care for each other, do we

You are a loving wife and mother
Very close, were you and my late maternal grandmother
A good friend of mine, is your husband
Of you, is he extremely fond
A mischievous but cute boy, is your son
Being with your family is always fun

Very caring, is your mother
You brought me closer to my own sister and father
Well, wish you the happiest birthday ever
May you change never!
Poem dedicated to Tamil, one of my closest friends; whose birthday is tomorrow.
Ashwin Kumar Sep 2023
When I first met you
It was at the office
I took a liking to you instantly
And I guess the feeling was mutual
You were incredibly nice
And could go on talking
As though nothing could stop you
In fact, it felt as though we already knew each other
And that too for a few years
For some reason
I felt I could trust you with anything and everything
Therefore, it didn't come as a surprise
That we soon became good friends
As far as work was concerned
You were always very supportive and helpful
And I never ever felt bored
While having a conversation with you
Because you could speak on a number of topics
Work, family, politics
Travel, movies, food
The list goes on and on
Moreover, it helped that we had similar views
Especially when it came to politics
On the whole, it was an honour to work with you
Though you couldn't stay for long
Anyway, we have been keeping in touch
And you always read my poems
Something that I appreciate a lot
You are also a very loving mother
I'm sure your kids must be proud of you
Especially the way you strike a balance
Between family and work
I am really happy that we spoke recently
And that too for over twenty minutes
Something that we must do more often
As you yourself mentioned
Anyway, take care and let's catch up soon
And yes, please convey my regards to your family
Ashwin Kumar Aug 2023
Dear Urvashi, wish you a belated happy birthday!!
I've known you for less than a year
However, that doesn't take away the fact
That we've always shared a cordial relationship
Not just as colleagues
But also as good friends
Right from the day we met
I knew that we would get along
Like peas in a pod
As you told me recently
Our conversations have always been meaningful
Whether it be work or personal stuff
I've never felt dull or bored
While interacting with you
You understand me very well
I can be weird sometimes
But that has never bothered you
Because the only thing that truly matters to you
As far as a relationship is concerned
Is character
In fact, that's the way it should be
Also, I've always enjoyed working with you
You are very talented
And your communication skills are top-notch
Not to mention, you are super helpful
I am sure you will make us all proud
As far as your career is concerned
Of course, luck hasn't always been on your side
But you just need to believe in yourself
Stand in front of the mirror
Tell yourself "I can do it"
And you will do it
You also have a fun side
This was on display
When we had the team lunch at Canto
And the team dinner at TOIT
Oh boy, when you talk
You go on and on
As though nothing can stop you
And I feel so comfortable with you
That it almost seems
As though I'm talking to a family member
Finally, you are very sweet and caring
Something that I've particularly noticed
When it comes to your family
By the way, please give my regards to them
And hope you had a great time yesterday
Take care and may the Lord bless you
With loads of love, success, happiness and peace
Dedicated to my friend and ex-colleague Urvashi, whose birthday was yesterday.
Ashwin Kumar Jul 2023
You were my colleague
Until a few weeks ago
Whenever I came to office
It was your presence
That brought a smile to my face
After the exhausting commute from my home
By the dreaded Mumbai locals
You were a ball of energy
And I felt so comfortable with you
That it was as though I was interacting with a family member
We had an excellent rapport
And I truly enjoyed working with you
I can never forget our team lunch at Canto
And of course, the grand team dinner at TOIT
On both occasions, all of us had a wonderful time
However, it was always you
Who turned out to be the life of the party
You are sweet and innocent
And your laughter is so infectious
That it makes us forget all our worries
And live in the moment
You may not be my colleague now
But you are still a good friend of mine
And will always be
It would be great if we can catch up again soon
Meanwhile, I wish you all the very best
For your career as well as your personal life
And last but not the least
Please keep smiling, as always
Ashwin Kumar Jul 2023
We met about seven years ago
And I had the great pleasure
Of working with you
You were warm and friendly
As well as extremely helpful and supportive
Whenever I got stuck on a mandate
I knew I could turn to you for guidance
However, the best part was
You were uber cool
Nothing could ever shake you
And even if I struggled sometimes
You never pushed me to deliver
Something that I appreciated immensely
Of course, you were my Team Lead
But you are also a good friend of mine
Though it's been a very long time
Since we last met
We have been keeping in touch
Every now and then
You not only put up with my rants
But also advise me from time to time
Whether it be work or personal issues
I am also very happy
That you are now a mother
I'm sure you will do wonders
As a mother and a wife
And also as a HR professional
Please continue to be the amazing human being that you are
And I hope to catch up with you soon
Take care and wish you loads of happiness, love, good health and success
Poem dedicated to my ex-colleague and friend Rashmi
Ashwin Kumar Mar 2023
It's always good to make friends, wherever you go
After all, every new place has its set of challenges
And in order to overcome them
It's better to have someone at your side
As they say, you don't have to do everything on your own
Well, making friends may not seem all that difficult
But keeping them is a different matter altogether
There must be some common ground
The place where you meet
The company where you work
The college where you study
Your hobbies, passions etc.
And I can go on and on
However, the point is
You and your friend must be compatible with each other
Being an introvert, I don't have many friends
However, the few I do have
Can be entrusted with almost anything in the world
This poem is about one of them
We met as colleagues, six years ago
And hit it off almost from the word go
Thanks to a few common interests
Such as cricket, movies, food etc.
We even went to a storytelling event
Where he was given a chance to take the mic
And spoke about me and my passion for trains
What I particularly like about him
Is that he is very easygoing
And rarely gets angry or upset
Even when dealing with cranky clients
And he had a whole lot of them
Every client was a story in itself
We would bond while trashing these clients
Often over a cup of cutting chai
Down at the cafeteria
As the months sped by
We grew closer
Finding more and more common ground
In the form of issues we faced at work
Especially the frequent salary delays
And non-payment of incentives
We always had lunch together
Except when either of us worked from home
Eventually, my friend shifted to Pune
But we stayed in touch on a regular basis
In fact, we met on at least five occasions
And continue to speak over the phone
Almost on a monthly basis
Even after he got married, about a year ago
He, in particular, makes it a point
To call me every now and then
And we exchange news
About our respective lives
This close friend of mine is proof
That you don't necessarily have to keep meeting people
In order to maintain friendships
Of course, it is always good to meet your friends
But sometimes, all you may need
If you're missing someone
Is a simple phone call
And in this case
Our calls are usually long
Long enough to ensure
That we sustain our friendship, no matter what
Poem dedicated to my friend and ex-colleague Rishi.

— The End —