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Phoebe Woods May 4
Dear five, without you
I would not be here.
For my mom was born
In your month of May.
And my dad was born
On the fifth of June.
Both of my siblings
And I make a five
Person family crew.
My bank account would
Be empty, but for
Five random dollars
I’ve managed to save.
Would you consider
Inspiring more than
Just me? With your great
Set of multiples?
Without ten, fifteen,
Twenty-five, oh where
Would we be? Dear five,
You’re so important
To all, not just me.
Phoebe Woods May 2018
Crash goes glass on ***** ground
Shatter goes the breaking sound
Too bad, too bad, too bad.

Don't rush behind, don't rush ahead
With one mistake your dreams are dead
Too bad, too bad, too bad.

Breathe in slow, coughing fast
Searching for the aftermath
Too bad, too bad, too bad.

Sprint 'cross lawns, jump the fence
It's not love, in my defense
Too bad, too bad, too bad.

Too bad things cannot be fixed.
Too bad that it's all a blip.
Too bad that you need the thrill.
Too bad. You're empty still.
Phoebe Woods Dec 2017
He fails to look at me
Because she is in his sheets.

I fail to look
Because I'm fragile.

She fails to look
Because she's passed out.

I fail to escape
Because of the time.

I fail
I am a failure.
Phoebe Woods Dec 2017
My hands are shaking
pulse rushing
heart beat-beating
vision blurring
speech slurring
dropping slowly to the ground.

In and out of consciousness
devil's words
faces crowding
halos glowing
fading into nothing now.
  Dec 2017 Phoebe Woods
the cold breeze crawls against his skin
powerful enough to give him goosebumps
but not the kind he's been searching

he treks against the snow, hurriedly
as if time is passing by too fast
and he's afraid he might fall behind

his constant worries trail him
like an unwanted game of hide and go seek
except he is always being found

he longs for the sun, an image
destroyed by the constant winters
that ceaselessly plague his mind

but he doesn't need to hunt for
what he already has in
the palm of his hand

all he must do is wait
for the snow to melt
and spring to come again

where i will welcome him
with open arms, like the ones
he so desperately yearned for
18/12/17. for kim jonghyun, an inspiration of mine who passed before his time. you've worked hard. don't worry anymore.
  Dec 2017 Phoebe Woods
Ravanna Dee
My thoughts dance through the creeping shadows
until they're caught between the jagged cracks of daylight.
Perpetually being seared by the world.
waiting to be remembered and embraced by the twilight.
Understand my darkness too.
Phoebe Woods Dec 2017
It's the kind of relationship
where he says
I love you
and I say
thank you.
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