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Derrick Jones Jul 13
Alone in the dark I look for a spark, I am not a lark but I’ll sing ‘til you hark and come to me, come through me, don’t fear me just be near me and we’ll endear and we’ll endure, I may not be quite sure, because this is all a blur, and my mind lags behind what my heart swiftly finds.
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i hear your voice
and i know nothing on earth
will compare to how my heart
skips a lifetime for you
until there are
no words left,
i'm yours.
- nothing can pull me away from you, you've had my heart all this time.
Rox Jul 11

Like a cloud, overhanging
the colour blue,

where we lie
maybe not,

those residing words, written out
after a night once again.

Left alone, always
the colour blue.

Draining roses,
in minutes staining

I'm blushing,
you're vacant

it's day again.

Littering nameless things
breath in draft

naked anatomy
sticky with vapour

and the subversion of
my smile,
inspirited between us

where spring lives
in the transitory skies

just like a kiss


The colour of you.
smell of dust and days of
summer sweat                  
I mean                                                             ­     tears of confusion                
   are you sure this                                                    feel the skin flex and move
feels right this time I don't                                                        arou­nd the
think I can handle feeling                                                        mu­scle
that close to heaven's gate again                      to close to the bone

yes it hurts to fall from heaven                        
especially when you feel as if you crawled all the way from hell
PSA if you are viewing this on a phone website the structure of this poem will make no sense to you at all

I need you
but I cannot lose you again
today I am going to sit down and write
this is a simple task for some
but for me and my chaotic mind
it is a fearsome brutal acceptance of my own
personal destruction
a free day on my schedule so today will be a day of self riddance
samara lael Jul 10
there’s something about familia
that makes me sigh.
the warm glow of a hug;
the cheeky wink of an eye.

there’s something about familia
that makes me cry.
the pain of passing;
the tests set for us to try.

but with the unexpected & emotion
whether biological or chosen,
familia is familiarity; home; connection
& this i cherish with the deepest of affection.
Elemenohp Jul 10
I will taste the lust on your lips,
For I have watched it linger there.
I will coax out those words you hide in your mind,
For I have seen sentances spark within your stare.
I will bite at these things that keep you contained,
For I also wish to be free from restrains.
it's so hard to come out of the hole i'm in because it's 6 feet deep and i'm locked in a box with 2 tons of dirt on my chest.
All of these words
And feelings
B                 o
                 n            c
Around inside of me; the
Pen is my weapon of choice
As I battle myself to
Gather myself.

My grimoire;
Rivers of spilled ink flow
Through these pages as
My emotions follow suit.

It is far less destructive
To put lead to paper
Than to allow my inner
Demons to know reality.
Cameron Jul 4
Lost in the dark, I used to be happy.
My friends have moved on, I have been abandoned.
I'm lost, and I have been forgotten.

I ache for my friends, but to them, I meant little.
I feel too much, I'm too emotional.
I get filled with rage, but I'm not an angry person.

Only when I realized this, I realized that I'm better off forgotten.
I'm too unstable. I'm too dangerous. I can't help it. I hate myself because of it.
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