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Poetic T Feb 9
I swim in your ocean,
   but I always taste fish.

The ocean needs a wash.
Wolf Dec 2018
I donned a suit of warmth
And dove into my memories
They swirled around my body
Teasing scars I left behind
But what once scraped my soul, past love
Won't hurt the same again
Taken softer, just a heartbeat
Like a storybook for me

A laugh
A grin
A hand
A kiss
Something to treasure, not to fear
For learning
For growing
Even for showing
In my heart, all held dear

I smiled as they carried me away
Letting them flourish, it gave me breath
For I knew a reader stood close by
In case I ever dove too deep
Blade Maiden Sep 2018

The room in starlight bathed
My body unscathed
Swimming indoors
sheets are shores

Wash over me like the tide
for I don't sleep at night
Swimming indoors
where it always pours

Moon reflection
on my cushion
Swimming indoors
following ancient lores

Diving deep to find
an Atlantis on my mind
Swimming indoors
til reaching the dream's source
Ilion gray Aug 2018
Who are you?
There was a shaking of the universe
Out from the ***** space
Fell everything dark
Down from the branch’s of heavens
Fell everything empty

Only one,
could name all of the
Dripping drops
That fell,
Every sort
Of stellar cloud
That day,

              The devil is a graviton,

He is inside of the air,
He is the whispering sound
That runs away to escape
the wind,
Then cowers and creeps,
Behind it.

The wind,
comes and goes at the will
Of god,

The devil is always there...

Shut up your ears,
And cover your eyes,
Say nothing,
And breathe quietly

                For, the devil is a graviton
And you are standing deep inside
his palm,
The sunken shadows shaking
Are his ancient fingertips
His swollen knuckles aching
too weak to close his wicked fist,
Yet crumbling his cursed fingers come,
You must not wait any longer,
You must not fear,
Go out toward the crashing pieces of
The devils broken hand,
There where the ground is breaking
Where the living trees
and great grass fields that sway
Are eaten up
By relentless waves
Of vengeful flames as if
The Angel of God’s anger

Stood out, on the edge of the land

The strength of its wings
Ripping time
From space,
The presence of its being,
Like a lightning storm
Setting the spinning earth on fire,
And everything else was devoured
By oceans,
as if only for this day,
leviathan was starved for aeons
Yet his stomach never shrunk
And the wrathful waves
The teeth of the beast
Will eat you up.

              The devil is a graviton,

Run out toward the battle as the devil
Sends his sons to silence you
Into darkness  
Let your works reflect the
Light of the kingdom and
The glory of the  
True god!
And you shall have no fear!
For Jehovah your god,
Does not know fear!
Run out as the hand of the Devil
Collides with everything,

And if you die while reflecting
The last ray of light
As the sun is setting on
Life’s last day....
Then at that very moment..
You will never die again!
This is what Jehovah
Of Armies is giving,

A choice
To die, or live

A life,
Without ending!

Inspired by Jeremiah 21.

And Jeremiah 22:2
read Jeremiah 21,. and Jeremiah 22:29
Caren Marins Aug 2018
The sun is shining, we poets are rhyming.
Others might be out to bathe, but we fill our sheets with creative parts.
This is a thirty second writing, as I am freestyling the way I am diving.
Had an Idea of 'freestyle writing' within 30 seconds, that's the result.
sunprincess Jul 2018
First time ever in my whole life
I saw someone go dumpster diving

Was more than a little weird
seeing those two women
diving in the dumster at Ulta!
Ulta is a beauty  supply store
Wonder what they were searching for
Eye Shadow?
Simpathi Jan 2018
I searched the ocean for my long lost treasure,
Only to forget about it and lose it forever.
I tried to dive deep, keep it together.
Searching for time just to discover,
It never existed.

I thought I had oxygen, I thought I’d be safe.
But turned out to be nothing when compared to the waves,
That pushed and slammed me back and forth,
Releasing my heart and stealing my core.
I’m nothing without it.

Fish everywhere of all shapes and sizes,
Some swimming in the open and some only hiding,
Never being revealed to the rest of the planet,
Nothing caring for them, holding their hand and,
Letting them win.

Their magnificent colors turn red into blue,
If I chose when to leave it wouldn’t be soon.
Fins shimmering through golden sunlight,
Holding all of them and nothing to lose sight.
No fitting in.

Every fish is different and sparkling with colors,
Never to be looked at and compared to another.
Because, quite honestly, that would ruin it all,
Comparing two fish by a mere flaw.
Life’s not a game to win.
Kirsten Claire Dec 2017
When I had my first swimming lesson
My instructor told me
I was a feather
Afloat the shallow end of the pool

But this is not a swimming lesson
Nor is there an instructor
I am a heavy weight
Ready to dive into a treacherous sea

You are the sea
The water
And everything in it

I am ready to dive into you
Soul first
I just hope I don't drown
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