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Under the water
below the sea
the whales are calling
They're calling to me

Divers discover the waters
bright glee
the fish are swimming for all to see

The sea holds tresures and souls
Secrets are waiting
in the under sea holes

What's waiting for me
in the depths of the sea
Is the answer I'm longing
It's the key to the sea.
Marco Feb 12
I sink
deeper and slower
into emerald
and turquoise so dark
it's almost black
the water claiming me
finally, as it should
pressuring my lungs to collapse
under the lightest weight
engulfed in deep blue
Sheherazad Oct 2019
I let go and fall, fall, fall — ever so deep —
Into the cracks between your pieces
They’re the only way to your heart.
Let me swim through the crevices
Like a diver in the mines.

Ive struck gold.

Hilary Sep 2019
love is an ocean
and standing on a cliff
the wind begins to blow
before it has the chance
to push me into a fall
i dive
fingertips steepled
pressed together
above my head
they direct me
toward that
i hold
i am tight
i hasten
my descent never pausing
never pining for the safety of the cliff
never looking back up
never checking
if the tide
is in
Glenn Currier Jul 2019
Writing is like jumping into a deep mountain lake
to find some tiny piece of my soul
submerged and floating there
an immersive brooding wistful prayer
or a flight into the blue thin air.

It is a cinematic journey
recording the fruits of noticing
what is right in front of the eyes
and finding what is deeper
unseen underneath.

Writing is looking into an old man’s eyes
and discovering the person there
just as much a spiritual venture
digging toward his center
as a physical sensation.

It is a magical mystery tour
taking the visible threads
in hand and feeling my way
to the roots
or pausing and squeezing the fruit
for its juice.

It is fun
it is a morning run
or an evening rest
pain, joy, and dreams expressed.

Writing is moving, grooving, including
taking a moment in time
exploding it in rhythm and rhyme
finding in the ordinary the sublime.
I wrote this after reading several poems on this site including one by John Riley on writer's block -
Thanks to all of you who reveal a tiny piece of your souls here.
Annie May 2019
This pool is bottomless; stunningly blue,
I find that I’m tumbling towards it with you.

We’ve fallen, and now that the surface is breaking,
our dive, beyond words, will leave us both shaking.

I see now, a lifetime of love in the making.
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