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Mrs Anybody Aug 2020
The way
she looks
at him?

With the
small smile
twinkling eyes?

That is how
you know
she loves him

The way
he treats

soft hands,
never wanting
to let go?

That is how
you know
he loves her
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She settles by her
Hand in a coffee cup
Singing her a top pop
The cycle of her life
Rounds with her integrity
Cuz in her heart,
There's no impurity
It's all about a refuge facility
Writing their poems creativly
All the flowers bloom by her voice
Dirts ruin in the circumatance
If you really get her
Seconds fall into her eyes
Moments crash by her cries
Their passion ends in for life
And the bye
Arise in never
This poems is for whom they have best friends that don't change them with anything.
Zyra Rastrullo Feb 2019
You make my mind keep spinning
Drowning me with you eyes it makes me keep thinking
Save me quickly
Or I'll fall for you deeply
Can you be with me
Or you don't even want to be with me
Give me something to hold on to
Please make me feel you love me too
Let's hustle in life together
And be stuck in love with each other
Samreena Lodhi Jan 2019
if you had heard my heart
you might have learned even more
words that my lips won't convey
you might have get with your heart
as heart has mind of its own
that beats more to say
for you to understand
Lily ale Nov 2018
I always said almost loving you was the kindest thing I ever did.  
We never use to cuddle you hated it, we use to sit with my window open cause you broke my fan but it didn’t matter, we’d fall over eachothers sentences, you’d stand beside me whenever I sat, I think it made you feel wiser, to be so much bigger then me,
To look down to me, I never minded it though, cause every so often when we would lie down you would hold me, grip my hand and play with my ring.
you never told me why and I remember pouting about it,
I remember us sitting together but never to close
It was almost love, and almost loving you was the kindest thing I’ve ever done,
I hope almost loving me was the kindest thing you’ve ever done also
Amy Duckworth Sep 2018
We are all human
so why must we hurt each other
some say it's because of jealousy
or hate
or even love
But we all need to help each other
We are all human and we need to stick together
George Krokos Jul 2018
We may not be around for much longer
so I would just like you to know
our love for each other will be stronger
and many wonderful things show.

We'll always think highly of each other
no matter where we may then be
respecting ourselves and so not bother
as those would who are never free.
Written in 2017
Alex Nov 2017
I wear a ring on the fourth finger
I get asked who I'm married too.
I say A ring on any finger is what you make it to be.
A ring on my wedding finger does not mean i am married
Marriage is trust, love, committed to each other, vulnerability, no secrets, friendship and so much moreb. Marriage is promise to always be there no matter what, until death. So why is it that its called the wedding finger when indeed it could possibly be called the promise finger because are we not promising to spend the rest of our lives together. Even if one is not in a relationship with that person does that now make wearing a ring on that finger forbidden?
I wear a ring on the fourth finger or third if your one of those aliens that think their thumb is not a finger.
I get asked who I'm married too.
and idk this got to me
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