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Smoke! A lot of it
Above my head
Inside my chest
I wish I could flee
Leave my bed
But can’t
Where have I landed
It’s a no man land
With spiral rings
Placed all over
Like a puzzle
Wanna escape!
A voice echoed
In my head
Enough you tried
But it seems futile
You can’t escape or
Get out of your bed
You are paralysed
You can’t analyse
You have lost your

I think only few
drags were enough
to loose control.
Sabila Siddiqui Apr 2018
I basked in the light
Of the present moments sight
But all of a sudden
Your words triggered a bitter memory
And now I want to visit an infirmary.

But oh wait this can’t be bandaged to heal
For it is a resurface from a wreckage.
It crawls from the breakage
With a clinging message
that causes landslides
and scrapes my insides.

My thoughts collide
as my emotions become tide.
My lips become sealed
As I no longer want to speak.

But then I’ll lose my mystique
And become invisible;
In the hands of my shadowy past.
Nayana Nair Apr 2018
There is a thought

that holds my hands

sometimes to save me from drowning,

sometimes to drag me down.

The thought that

all you say

and all I say

will be part of all the noise

that this world has already lost.

This world that had witnessed us together

will soon forget us.

And we won’t feel a thing a that time,

however we may dread that day right now.
Jessica Jarvis Mar 2018
It hurts more to succumb to the darkness
Than to resist its emotional drag,
To give into the negativity
And accept the longevity
Of that damp, moldy, abrasive rag,
Than to accept and see the Likeness.

Accept the overwhelming Embrace,
Rather than the darkness of that place.
Overcome. Claim what’s overdue:
The Love, the Peace, and the Grace.

Typing midnight motivation at 1am... Had an oddly rough week, but what has passed has passed, and i’m excited for the days ahead. Here are some uplifting words....
Jenny Gordon Mar 2018
Why on earth did Sunday AM's cosmetic ad tout "erasing dark circles with concealer" when that was what the mirror answered I needed done?  Talk about coincidence, or what?

(sonnet #MMMMMMMV)

O!  Watch that greyish lace called firs' detail
Upon the blacktop gently shift from thence
To playful winds, where pavement is fr'intents
Likeas some chalkboard smudged t'effect and pale
In afternoon's more lazy eye, in frail
Excuse, myself dead tired cuz coffee's sense
I maunt resist last night did punish, whence
"Erase dark circles with concealer!"'d hail.
Who gives a hoot that I look nice as twere
Eh?  None but older men, ungodly too
Seek me.  Old scruples were mair strict in tour
But faithful as the LORD Whose Word is true.
Blue skies are warmly clean of clouds; winds stir
These naked boughs to nodding; and what's new?

P.S. I can enjoy a "mean" cup of coffee as late as midnight, AND still sleep well--IF I retire immediately.  Talk about reckless cuz of a party* and retiring after midnight was punishment.   *NOTE:  There were bottles and bottles of wine, beer, pop too, and....we'd been advertised to "...bring a drink you'll want to--" so I recalled I HAD done my duty and brought cranberry juice.  After all, beer's done nothing for me to date, excepting promising to make my clothes not fit, so....
awknight Mar 2018
my eyes
drag across
the world in
front of me.

from darkness
to light
I am tired
but awake.

a new life.
reborn from the
grasps of death.
slightly conscious.

around me
I see faces
— unfamiliar.
Sam Mar 2018
As the **** of the cigarette grows closer to my lips
I find my mind free of any thought of you
And for five, ten, maybe twenty minutes if I'm lucky
I won't have to suffocate in your memory
A H Butler Mar 2018
An expanded meaning,
referring variously to literal bodies and to
the vegetative nervous system which controls vital functions.

She has been made a constellation
and is destined to outlast the contestants.
The germs develop first in seven segments,
some people may actually fall from their beds.

When I was casting
in these works the term took on
suggestion of how one might view the work,
gestures but also the placement and movement.

It might have been a drag queen –
Some well-formed whole constructed from
something in you that is no longer functioning.

When you dream about an accidental death
of any person,
that person’s death symbolizes Macrophobia.
© A H Butler

Second attempt at using the cut-up technique to compose.
Jay Lewis Jan 2018
I am from Myths and tales.
The one that sailors,
wish to prevail.
I am the girl,
who wails.
The one that men,
can't resist.
I am the Siren,
named Bliss.

With just one kiss,
I'll drain you up,
and you'll think,
it's true love.

I'll take you all,
I'll drag you down.
I'll drown you in perfection,
until the next guy comes around.

I would happily drag you down.
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