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Rob Cochran Feb 25
Customer: I'll HAVE YOU FIRED!

Server: You can’t have me fired.

You can’t have me fired, you can’t have me hired.

You can't have me drawn and quartered
Shamed and distorted

You can’t have me grovel before you,
labeled and branded,
Then handcuffed and handed over
Just to “Justify” or so to “Satisfy”
The bright and shiny way
You walked in here today
Thinking you’ll have it your way
Just like you always do
A big ****** whoop-dee-doo!

Well, I got some news for you, boo.

You couldn’t have me fired if you lied,
You couldn’t have me fired if you tried

So step aside, Clyde.
You know why?

Because you
Rob Cochran May 2020
I can feel your cool breath on the back of my neck
It's damp and smells like the earth
I hear you whisper to me
Don’t be afraid
They’re going to be okay
Everything is going to be okay
You place your strong hand in mine
The other, I can feel sliding around my waste
If we’re going to dance, I say, I usually lead
Not this time, my love
This time you follow.
Rob Cochran Dec 2019
It’s true that privilege is invisible to those who have it.
But once you’ve seen your privilege with your own eyes, you can never unsee it.
And when that privilege is challenged you feel angry
but you know now that challenging privilege is justified.
So what do you do with that anger?
Where do you put this fiery ember that you’re holding on to?
In the past, you would have flung it at the one who dared to challenge you.
But you can’t do that anymore.
So you have to let it burn you.
And the burns heal into scars.
And the scars become a right of passage
that leads you back
to being more fully human.
December 2019
Open to title suggestions
Rob Cochran Jul 2018
Temblando al borde de la locura
Tratando de encontrar un centro de gravedad
Cortando mi circulación para hacer esta declaración
sobre mi habilidad natural como reina nacida
a caminar con tanta fabulosidad.
Aunque este vestido es una monstruosidad,
mi cabello es una curiosidad,
hay mucho acerca de este alto paso que no anticipé.
Por ejemplo cómo el balanceo de mis caderas
contrarresta el movimiento de mis dedos.
¿Quién sabía que habría tal orquestación?
Un cuerpo en concierto: ¡una ovación de pie!
Y cada paso otro encore,
Gritando delirantemente: "¡Más! ¡Más! ¡Más!"
Y de repente, el mundo es nuevo.
Nunca lo he visto desde este punto de vista.
Me sorprende la diferencia que unas pulgadas pueden hacer
para cambiar la realidad que ahora crea yo
Y aunque mis pies están apretados como tocones
en estas bombas de tacón de aguja de seis pulgadas,
un testimonio que debo profesar;
Qué maravilloso es ser
un muchacho en un vestido.
A recent translation from my poem "Birth of a Drag Queen" about a young man dressing in drag for the first time.
Rob Cochran Apr 2016
For five minutes
I can close my eyes
And feel the heat rise
From inside the deep Earth
Out the top of my head
And into the sky
And I won’t ask why
For five minutes
I can let myself cry
Written on 4/26/2016
Rob Cochran Aug 2015
"I'm not your pinche half-eaten
left-over burrito
that you don't really want anymore
but feel guilty about throwing away."
Either way, dude
Heartburn's coming.
Sometimes poetry just writes itself. All you have to do is listen.
Rob Cochran Aug 2015
Approximately 14 billion years ago
The universe exploded with possibilies
One of which
Was me
Here I am
And I have something to say
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