Jenny Gordon Dec 2
How many days ago was it blizzard conditions?!


If warmth and rain conspired t'undo the hale
White blanket flung across these wastes, til hence
The silver puddles shine with ghastly thence
And wan miens like the moon, how in betrayl
Lawns late unmasked lie with an air of frail
Hopes violets soon shall wink, snow islands' sense
Of being alone upon that sea from whence
There's no return, forlorn like March'd prevail.
Blue skies for sweetest minutes peer in tour
Twixt greyer cloud racks like the waking view
Might have a softer breath in tow as twere,
While Daddy pulls espressos foamed milk to
Effect crowns with an April note.  Tis poor
Tae think December's gentle, but how'd woo.

Kick me, but I'm loving it.
Jenny Gordon Dec 2
I could swear I miss Mum.


O languid hours whose weary rain falls hence
As if tis one with snow's fatigue, in pale
Excuse, the madness I'd known sans aught bail
Six years ere when my brother was fr'intents
Still badly drugged by doctors, sans defense
For their malpractice (trying to **** him, frail
Though that may seem; whose outright lies' detail
Remains upon the charts)--what's not pretense?
My painted nails in lavendar look poor
Now they've been through much cleaning, dishes--who
Cares 'cept myself that they wink 'non in tour?
YOU only text, tease me with what is to
Effect um, lies, or promises that were
Not ever meant to stand--do I miss YOU?

Jenny Gordon Dec 2
See Job 13:15.


Watch steam's half ghostly tendrils in the pale
Eye of dawn's golden touch, as tears stream hence
In one lone rivulet down my face, whence--
Mock on.  Tea for recure, I sip t'avail,
But it's nigh tasteless.  I'm slain in betrayl
Cuz I gave all for love and lo, twas thence
All lies.  My smiles in rising gone, a sense
Of being sliced up by words my meat sans bail.
No sparrows call, nor play.  Snow crumbles to
The blacktop and I think it's them as twere,
Yet how that chunk lies sans a spirit through
This **** chance for...tea?!  O please, what's poor?
My purple nails?  My prayrs for love in tour?
Steam likeas ghosts fades while I weep sans you.

Re: the title...that's why I asked.
Jenny Gordon Dec 2
It's what you call a "rhetorical question."


To see as through the tele-scopic lens
Of is't December?  Oh, I could avail
Me if, if only!  Sunken in betrayl
Upon the threshold of what is, pretense
Quite withered, lovers but old memries whence
I cull chagrin:  I am depressed sans bail.
Nor money I don't have, nor nudes in pale
Excuse, nor all I am yield aught defense.
He plies me for mair money likeas fer
All that the black holes outer space has to
Effect.  And now I've none, accuses poor
As saying, his promises all lies I knew
Ere now I should not have believed in tour.
O LORD, I cannot see You.

Well, I had this jaunty perspective on the month of December, until the last day of November when I could not see through the fog of...reality.
Jenny Gordon Dec 2
...well, from my brother to my father, men seem to like a woman who listens to them, but...where's a man for me?!


Why does the basement air reek in betrayl
...Of turkey soup, til I hate that from hence,
Though dinner was a tasty thing fr'intents?!
Sleep early; and now midnight to avail
'Non tiptoes closer, yawn too loudly, frail
As aught excuse, the joys of which pretense
Gone stale?  Why kin I laugh, like's some defense,
Oer broken dreams, while that scent seems t'exhale?
I need to showr and go to bed.  What were
The right, erm, speeches that'd cull whom would woo
To be a true man?  Is all any stir
Some bad joke like the soup I'd caref'lly brew
From our Thanksgiving dinner?  Why's love poor?!
If I need to, um, listen...where are you???

You know, *cough, cough*, putting that favourite hooded sweater in the wash finally cured the odd scent which haunted with that soup....if you were curious.
Jenny Gordon Dec 2
...with your beer-laden breath.

(sonnet #MMMMMMMDXL)

If owly-eyed is cute, then hug me hence.
But all I've got in suitors are in pale
Excuse, erm, rogues; these steal my kisses, frail
As aught retort, "you asked for it!" What thence?
Where did the fellows I knew for intents
Back in my youth go?  Why but scoundrels' scale
Of int'rest now?!  Why pray for love t'avail,
And find the LORD's forgotten me? oh whence?
Meet guys online???!  Yes, laugh so hard that your
Sides ache, and they are wicked like whom to
My face think having *** the fourth date'd cure
Our young relationship.  What shall I do?!
I pray, and rot away.  O LORD, why's poor
I ask for fruit, for children?  Hear me too?

Men's favourite query on eharmony is:  "Are you physically affectionate in relationships?"  So I finally retorted with:  "Do you wear your underwear on your head?"
Jenny Gordon Dec 2


Those Sonnets From The Portuguese culled thence
From lo, a pure heart set on fire t'avail
His love who ransomed her from Death to scale
The heights of heavn on earth, I've read til hence--?
Forgotten like some reject none would sense
But with keen scorn for sins I in betrayl
Do not know I've committed--which detail
Could buy my ransom likeas hers, fr'intents?
Thieves, scoundrels have deceived me in vain tour
Of better than this thought of **** we to
Effect think that we know on earth, til fer
All that I make "naive" look false.  None woo
Save to steal parts of me.  Dear hope is poor.
Love is a jew'l I'm not good 'nough for too.

Cuz after all, Robert Browning fell in love with Elizabeth Barrett cuz she was incurably sad.  My sprite is forever gaily finding a reason none else can see, to caper about as if it's a blessing just to be alive and see another day.  Kick me.
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